Human adaptions: European geography

Taylor, Camille, Brandon, Shraddha


There are many ways in which the europeans have overcome their geographic problems. In this smore, you will find some of the examples of ways people in Europe have overcome these obstacles. We have videos, pictures, and paragraphs about each of these examples. We hope you enjoy finding out how europeans have adapted to their geography.


A windmill is a machine that trades wind energy for rotational energy. First, windmills were made to mill grain to make food. They also were used to pump water out of the ground for farm animals. But the most common use today is the conversion of energy. In Europe they use all these types of windmills depending on where you live. If you live in the country area then you would see more of the old fashion windmills. If you live in the more city/suburb areas then you would see more energy windmills.


Dikes are very important in Europe. They are basically large walls that "hold back" the sea. They are typically made of dry stone, sand, and clay. They keep below-sea-level towns and villages from being flooded and causing millions of dollars in damage. They are very stable and are used all over the world.


A polder is a low area of land surrounded by barriers or dikes. They have no connection with the water outside of them except through manually operated devices. Polders are usually at risk of being flooded because they are so close to the outside water. They help people in Europe because when the water goes over the dike or when it rains too much, they can just pump the water easily back to where the main water is.


A canal is a man-made channel of water. In Europe the streets are pretty crowded so some people like to take a boat on the canal to get to their location. Not many people use cars in Europe so they can walk or take a boat. Many tourists enjoy using the canals because they are so unique. Having these canals help people travel and make money off of tourists.

Ice Hotel

People in Europe like to build ice hotels in the winter for their company. When there is a plain, there is nothing to block the wind. So it will be very windy and cold outside and by having a hotel made completely of ice they are able to hide from most of the wind and use resources without wasting wood and bricks. Plus people enjoy going to ice hotels for entertainment and for the experiance of it all.
Snow Village Montreal (Ice Hotel)

Essential Question

How do humans adapt to European Geographical Issues?