March Updates and Recognition

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updates from the Nest

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Origami Owl® has always strived to make a difference in the lives of others. By supporting worthy causes and organizations, we stand by our mission to be a Force For Good™.
We are humbled to partner with Childhelp®, an organization dedicated to transforming and saving the most innocent, vulnerable, and often voiceless lives.
Formed 55 years ago, Childhelp exists to prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. Through their programs, Childhelp has saved 9 million children. Origami Owl shares a passion for helping children and is now proud to sponsor the “Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe” prevention education curriculum for grades Pre-K-12.
Origami Owl – with its team of more than 55,000 amazing Designers – will soon unveil ways to partner with Childhelp around the country. In the meantime, YOU can be a part of this effort right now! Support Childhelp by purchasing two exclusive charms, created especially for this cause: Bully Proof Shield (CH2016) and Silver Heart Hand Charm (CH2015). Feel good knowing that 100% of O2’s profits from the sale of these charms will go towards the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program.

Did you know that five children die each day as a result of child abuse or neglect? Origami Owl® and Childhelp® have joined forces to save lives.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In 1999, Childhelp designated the first Wednesday in April as National Day of Hope. Alongside Childhelp, O2 will be honoring the children we’ve lost with a candle lighting ceremony and moment of silence.

The burning candle represents the 5 children whose lives are taken each day, and the light we hope to bring into the lives of children who are still suffering. It’s also a meaningful opportunity to share our compassion and show our commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

So, on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, please join the Nest, and together let’s be a Force for Good. Honor the victims of child abuse by lighting a candle and observing a moment of silence with friends, family, or your O2 team members. Then inspire others to help us save lives by sharing a picture of your heartfelt moment on Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social network with the hashtag #O2GivesHope. To learn more about Childhelp and National Day of Hope, click here.

Let’s remember how blessed our lives have been, and recognize the power we have to help others.

{BYE-BYE Birdie}

officially gone BYE-BYE as of March 31st

{Mother's Day Supplements}

Guess what" There's a brand new supplement coming! Just in time for Mother's Day, it will help you celebrate the women in your life. Available to order 4/1. item number SA7006. You will need to log into your back office and click on the order tab then choose the business supply order tab.

{Origami Owl is in the news again}

Wow! Bella and CEO Robin Crossman on the front page of Yahoo! Check out their interview here:

{Going on in April}

A lot is happening, I am going to give a quick recap of our new incentive programs.


Designers promoting to Senior Team Leader before June 30th get a hot new Beats Pill speaker + $50 iTunes gift card, and those promoting to Executive Team Leader will receive an iPad 2 with custom O2 protective cover!


Starting April 1st, all new Designers are automatically enrolled in the brand new Soar to Success rewards program! (Designer's joining March 1 - 31st are grandfathered in to this promotion as well, your competition start date is April 1st) It’s designed to help new Designers get their jewelry business off to a flying start by inspiring them achieve success during their first 90 days as an O2 Designer. On top of the great commissions they’ll earn, they will also receive special rewards worth up to $450! So, new Designers, get your debut Jewelry Bar scheduled today, and if you're a seasoned Designer that's growing your team, make sure to help your new team members succeed by following this easy new program.

Speaking of Jewelry Bars, there’s no better place to share the O2 love and build your team.

Sponsor up to three new Designers within your first 90 days and you’ll not only be soaring to success, you’ll earn some rewards that will help you take your business to even higher heights!

{Designer Deactivations}

The purpose of this communication is to send out reminder pertaining to the rolling six (6) month personal volume (PV) requirements. Please note that all Designers who have failed to meet their rolling six (6) month personal volume requirement (PV) of $199 will have their accounts deactivated on April 1, 2014.

Per O2 Designer Policies and Procedures (P&P’s):
"If an Independent† Designer fails to personally generate at least $199 in Personal Volume ("PV") in whole or in part during a consecutive six (6) month period, his or her Designer Enrollment Agreement may be canceled for inactivity and that Independent† Designer will no longer be considered an Eligible Designer..."

What does this mean for those deactivated O2 Designers?

The Designer’s account, personal website, and access to the O2 Back Office will be deactivated immediately as of the above date.

In the event a deactivated Designer wishes to re-enroll as an O2 Designer, he/she must wait a mandatory six (6) month period starting from the date of the deactivation.

{O2 EXPERIENCE} I promise you want to be there!!

The O2 National Convention is the most anticipated event of the year! Origami Owl will be taking over downtown Phoenix for three exciting days of training, special announcements, lots of dance parties and tons of love.

If you're new to Origami Owl, or didn't have the chance to attend last year's Convention, check out this video (Password:ooexperience) for a peek at what to expect.

April 1, the price to attend is $250, be sure to grab your tickets now!

Have someone special on your team that you’d like to reward, or a newbie you’d love to get trained? Why not get them the gift that gives back?

Sending your team to Convention can help your business in so many ways! Not only is it a great team-building opportunity, they’ll get valuable training from industry experts, recognition that will boost confidence, success tips from top leaders, exclusive insider information on upcoming launches, PLUS other special announcements! These are all the tools your team needs to get them selling and sponsoring which in turn helps your business soar to success.

Register today to get your ticket to the hottest O2 event of the year.

Be sure to subscribe to to keep up with everything you'll need to know about this year's convention.

Team Sales and Recognition

Team Sales in volume (wholesale)

Total Team Volume for the month of March: 9066.05

Top five Designers in Volume sales:

  1. Stephanie Sprague 3,685.95
  2. Tondi Wheat 946.80
  3. Rebecca Andrews 677.80
  4. Mary Patton 670.40
  5. Kari Boswell 608.70

Top Team:

Nancy Shipley 1031.80


I would like to welcome Camille Satterwhite to my first line. Camille has added Tiffany Grant to her team also. Welcome Camille and Tiffany!!