Jackie Robinson .

By : Evelyn Peterson .TM.

Jackie Robinson : The history of his life .

Jackie Robinson was born in: January 31, 1919, Cairo , GA .

Died: October 24 ,1972, Stanford,CT .

How Jackie died is because he had a heart attack .

By : Evelyn Peterson .

Why is he famous .

Jackie Robinson was famous for being the first black man to beat the cooler score and the wight's only score . He went playing baseball every were he went he was in the news papers he was on the internet he was every were no human bean brook that score before !no matter how big are the chances he will do it . nothing gets in his way .

childhood :

Jackie Robinson's parents name was Mallie and Jarry Robinson . His dad was a sharecropper ,but left his wife and kids when Jackie was only six months old .His mother was a Household chores for other families .Jackie had four older brothers ans sisters . They were Edger , Frank , Mack and Willa Mae Robinson .Jackie went to a public school . Jackie shin in athletics .

Adulthood :

From 1942 to 1944, Robinson server as second lieutenant in the united states Army .

In 1944 Robinson started playing baseball professionally . He was first played in the Negro leagues . He was chosen by Brooklyn Dodgers, to help integrate major langue.

In 1945 Jackie Joined the all wight Montreal Roy's ,a farm team for the Brooklyn Dodgers .

Jackies Qout

''A life is not important except in the impact it has in our lives."

MY life lesson:

Baseball is a hard game . Nobody wants to quit when he's losing , nobody wants to quit when your ahead .

The five words that I can describe Jackie are :

courage, nonstop ,strong, brave ,and fearless .

5 interesting facts :

Jackie Robinson played at the World series .

Jackie Robinson steal home like 19 times !

Jackie was hit-by-pinches a total of 72 times during his carer .

Jackie was in the U.S army .

Jackie's career was batting .

3 important facts:

Jackie broke the cooler score .

First man to play wight only baseball game .

In 1982, Jackie Robinson became the first meager league baseball player to appear on a US postage stamp .

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