Session 6 Highlights

Mariette Lee

Technology brings us together as a family. When other educators are struck with a challenge, I feel their pain and I can be more of an advocate. Also technology has enable us to connect with leaders, politicians and express our concerns over key issues that are affecting public education.

Camille Rascoe

Teachers are so fortunate to have the opportunity to easily communicate and collaborate with each other using technology. Video Conferencing and Skype are useful when teachers can't get together in person. Technology allows them to get their jobs done efficiently.

Elmer Gilsone

When I first started teaching this past year, I defined technology as the use of equipment available to me in the classroom. A lot has changed for me since then as I have been learning and experiencing the power of technological networks available to me that would make me a better teacher and my students more motivated and inspired. Social media will be very valuable to me as a teacher in being able to feel better connected with my peers, tapping into available research and educational opportunities, and communicating with teaching partners that can critique my progress in the most professional manner. The source of information is literally infinite and gives me a variety of perspectives from which to present a more well-balanced lesson.