Culture Of Rome VS United States

Compare and Contrast

Rights Of Citizens



- Citizens are able to vote

- able to hold official

- Own Property

- Go to court

- Cannot change social structure

- Male citizens have "all" rights

- Women have limited rights

- Women cannot have government offices nor can they vote

- Slaves were property - have puny chance for freedom

- Former slaves called freedmen have limited rights

- Freedmen children will have a status as citizen

United States

- Citizens are able to vote ( certain age )

- Have chance to hold a certain status

- Go to court

- able to own property

- Can change in social structure

- Citizens of any gender have rights

- Women can vote and hold an official status

- No legal slavery

- Children of any refugee will gain status as a citizen if born on the U.S


- Roman citizens cannot change in social status, though United State citizens can.

- Slavery was common in Rome, though in the U.S not so much

- Male had majority of rights. U.S. citizens of any gender have rights


- Citizens can vote

- Can hold an official

- Own property

- Once born in the country you are known as a citizen




- Laws written

- Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

- Judges made decisions from trials

United States

- ( Not sure if laws were written, though made somehow )

- Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

- Judges made decisions from trials




- Has some type or law system to follow

- Both have life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

- Judges make descisions for trials




- Fines

- Beatings

- Banishment

- Slavery

- Execution ( If necessary )

- Patricide - Drown in lake

- Slaves - Beaten - Harden work - Crucified

- Coliseum

United States

- Fines

- Deport ( Prior country if not citizen and done wrong )

- Juvenile

- Prison

- Community Service

- Electrical Chair ( Execution )

- Some type of chemical ( Execution )

( All I can think of )


- Romans have a choice to punish one physically, though in the U.S I suppose that they do not.

- Romans can turn to a slave for punishment, U.S does not

- Romans different type of execution, so does those of the U.S

- Romans have the possibility to choose the coliseum for punishments, U.S does not

- Romans don't have community service, U.S does


- Both have prisons

- Have choices for execution

- Rome banishes, U.S deports back

- Pay fines

- Have some time of punishment