Ms. C.'s First Grade Classroom

January 4 - January 8

This Week:

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

In Reading/LA, we read a Fantasy story called, "A Cupcake Party!". Students were able to identify the story structure and visualize details from the text. We have been focusing on identifying characters, setting, and plot in fiction stories. Students learned how to identify and use articles/determiners (a, an, the) in reading and in their writing. Students practiced identifying short /u/ words and stretching final double consonants like -mp, -nt, -st, etc. In Writing, we began a new unit. Students are learning how to write a "How To...". We have been practicing sequencing and putting actions in order using temporal words (First, Next, Then, Last).

In Math, we reviewed telling time to the hour and half-hour. Students learned how to tell time to the quarter-hour. They also learned that in order to have "Fact Power" they have to study and know their addition and subtraction facts to 10 and be able to give the answers as quickly as saying their ABC's. We reviewed math facts and problem solving using ten frames.

In Science, we started a new unit on Weather! Students learned what a meteorologist is and how important their jobs are. We studied bad weather and storms. Students learned what they should do in the event of a major storm. The meteorologist project is due on Tuesday, January 12.

Upcoming Words:

None ~ Review all short vowels (a, e, i, o, u)

Upcoming Events:

January 12 - Science Project due

January 15 - Rick Charette Show for students ~ Students can wear a hawaiian shirt with uniform bottom.

January 18 - No School

January 22 - Mennies Spirit Day