Oh,The Places You Will Go! Dr.Seuss

International Fair and All Saints Day Projects

International Fair Mass TOMORROW

Students are to wear their cultural costumes tomorrow morning for Mass. Students are required to bring their Dress Uniforms to change into after Mass.

Wearing their cultural costume will be a grade for Social Studies.

**Extra Credit

Students may wear their cultural costumes to the 9am Mass on Sunday and receive extra credit in Social Studies.

Last day to bring name brand sodas or bottled water for the International Fair is tomorrow, Friday, October 14th. Free dress next Thursday for students that donate.

Saints Project Calendar

Due Dates:

October 17 Timeline

October 20 Sketch/Picture of Saint's dress

October 21 Outline for Written Report

October 24 Written Report, Picture of Saint, Quote for Mass

October 28 Bring Costume to school (I will store them here)

October 31 Presentation for the Living Saint Museum

Each assignment above will be a Religion Grade.