Plagiarism Ethic

By: Emma Gillespie

Definition of plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, ideas, images, sounds , or the creative expressions of others as you know.

Two examples of plagiarism

The first example of plagiarism is intentional which is copying a friends work, borrowing or buying a paper, and cutting and pasting text directly into your paper. The second example is unintentional which is poor paraphrasing, poor citation or forgetting to cite, or using to many quotes (more than 50% of paper is quotes

Other forms of plagrism

Keeping any of the same vocabulary without quotations, even if cited. Also, keeping the original order of ideas or sentence structure without quotations. A couple more are not using any of your own ideas, and inaccurately paraphrasing.

School consequences

You would get an "F" on the assignment.Another consequence is suspension or expulsion. The last consequence is dismissal from school sports or activity's. You might also when your in the "real world" you might be expelled from college or lo

How to gather information from print or digital resources

How you gather information from print (hard copy) is you look at the books for the information you need then you cite your sources, the way you cite is you have the authors first and last name, then you have the title of the book, and then you have the year published. When you gather information from digital resources you have to make sure the website is up to date and then when your done gathering your information, you have to cite your sources. the way you cite your sources is you put the title, then the name of the website you got it from,then, the company or author that made it, finally the date it was published or the date you looked at it.

The two parts of citing your sources

The first part is the work cited page and the second part is that at the end of the page you have to list each source you use.

How do you use terms or key words for looking for information?

The way you use key words or terms for finding specific information, is using explora or if they give you an option for advanced search then use that.

How do you make sure a website is accurate?

The way you make sure a website is accurate is that you look for an author and you look to see if there is an up to date copy right year. You might want to make sure the URL is an URL that is like org. gov. or edu. because all of those are good reliable sources.


You use direct quoting when you don't know how to paraphrase. The way you direct quote is you use the direct words from the text in quotation marks (" "). Don't make any changes to any of the words when you direct quote. Lastly, give the authors name like ( Wilson 5)


When you paraphrase you are explaining the main idea of something you read. You have to write in complete sentences and show that you understand the source. You also have to cite or source (Wilson 5)

What is MLA citation?

MLA citation in the text of paper point the alphabetical cited list that appears at the end of the page.