Building Behavioral Expertise

Six month class on FBA to BIP for your district

Making FBAs as easy as ABC

Dr. Riffel has spent years perfecting the art of collecting functional behavior assessment (FBA) data and teaching staff how to collect, analyze, and plan a behavioral intervention plan (BIP) based on the data. Participants will learn what they are analyzing the data for, how to collect data, how to collect intervention data, and how to maintain fidelity with their plan.

Districts bring Dr. Riffel in once a month for six months.

The cost to bring Dr. Riffel in for this course is $4,000 per month. This is a flat fee. We do ask the institution bringing Dr. Riffel in to provide the location for training, printing of materials, and a lavalier microphone if more than 50 participants. Approximately 3-5 educators from each building attend once a month for six months. The final class, the participants present a PowerPoint they have built to take back and share their data and skills learned with all staff. Success sells. Once the participants share with staff the success they had with their own students, the rest of the staff will want to participate in data collection. The participants will be able to teach the rest of the staff the easy to use data tools.

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