You don't have to be what everyone else wants you to be


Leo-A boy at Mica High School a ordariy boy.   Stargirl-A new student at Mica High School a different kind of girl then all the others.   Hillari-A mean girl who hates the new girl Stargirl

Kids pick

When Stargirl got tomatoed in the face when someone threw a tomato at her at the game

Figurative Language

Strong verbs

Kevin was SCREAMING on the phone.I jumped in the pickup and RACED to the stadium.I BOLTED from the truck.Kevin was at the gate WINDMILLING his arm."See better up here," he said, YANKING me into the stands.(all on page 22)


Stargirl was a new girl at Mica Area High School. She was a weird girl. Stargirl was different then everyone else. Stargirl had a rat named Cinnaion that she brought to school with her and sat on her shoulder. When Leo saw her he didn't know who she was. A few weeks later Stargirl became a cheerleader and got left behind at a basketball game.That was when Leo realised that he liked her. Later on Stargirl and Leo went out, Stargirl show Leo her enchanted place out in the desert. A few weeks later Stargirl when to the ball and lead the dance "Bunny Hop". Hillari Kimble got so mad at Stargirl and slapped her. Stargirl was not mad at her, but kissed her on the cheak and ran off to home. 15 years later Stargirl was gone. Archie showed Leo Stargirl's "office" and she had many different files of people. Even a file on Leo.


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