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Newsletter for the Shadow Hills Elementary School Community

Not returning to Shadow Hills next year?

If your child/children will not be attending Shadow Hills next year (2023-2024) please call the school office with the details: 208-854-6060.

Field Day!!

Volunteers needed...

1) Travel with your child's class...OR...

2) Stay put and lead a specific station...

Please let your child's teacher know along with signing up on the link below...


Spring is here and it's your last chance to order a yearbook for your student. You don't want to miss out! The cost is $23.00 and books will be handled out the last week of school. Click here to place an order: Buy the Yearbook (

From the PTO

Volunteers needed...

The volunteer coordinator for the Garden City Public Library needs volunteers. They have a kick off for summer reading and they need 10-12 volunteers for on the 31st of May. Please contact The Garden City Public Library to let them know that you can volunteer.

Principal Point

10 Tips to Make This the Best Summer Ever with Your Family

Summer lives in our imaginations throughout the year because it nourishes our souls. The warmth.... the fun.... the freedom... the sheer deliciousness. But mostly, the luxury of time, unbounded by school. Time to explore, to make new friends, to lie on your back and watch the clouds billow across a blue sky. The vivid aliveness and freedom of a child's summers can change her forever.

Does this sound like the summer your child is having? Or is he glued to an electronic screen? Or maybe she just has to get up early for camp, so you can get to work? Or maybe he's gotten so used to constant stimulation that he's complaining he's bored?

You CAN reclaim summer for your family. In fact, you can make this the best summer ever with your kids. It doesn't take travel or a lot of money. And you can do it even if you're working and your kids are in day camp.

What children need for a wonderful summer is:

  • Connection with you.
  • Connection with peers.
  • Some expansive lazy summer afternoons with not much happening, to fertilize the imagination.
  • Opportunities to develop mastery.
  • Some novel experiences that induce awe (think star-gazing while camping, or the ocean).

If that sounds overwhelming, remember that you can keep it simple. A little planning and time is all you need.

I know that time sounds like the one thing you never have enough of. Most parents live with a long list of things that need to get done and feel perpetually overwhelmed. But it's summer. Your kids won't be kids forever. This is the stuff their childhood memories are made of. As George R.R. Martin says, “Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

Why not decide now to make the most of this opportunity to connect with your kids? Here are ten simple tips to make this summer your best summer ever with your family.

1. Set aside some time every day to have fun with your child.

Whether it's running through the sprinkler together on a hot afternoon or counting the stars on a blanket in the backyard before bedtime, do at least one thing each day to connect and have fun. Remember, what matters is always how it FEELS, not how it LOOKS. Your child doesn't need a Martha Stewart activity; just a loving connection with you.

2. Find the "sweet spot" for structure and work.

Research shows that kids get stressed during the school year from academics, homework, the social scene, and all the activities. They really need time to chill and relax.

But they also need structure, meaning they need their day and week to have a shape, so they know what to expect. Set up a schedule, post it, revise it if necessary, and refer to it throughout the day. You can keep it simple. For instance, every morning after we play, we pick up the house together for an hour, and after lunch we have reading time together and then quiet time in our rooms. Every afternoon we run through the sprinkler and then we all make dinner together and clean up together.

Notice that I'm suggesting your children be involved in making meals and cleaning up. These are essential life skills and there's no reason children of all ages can't play a role. Two year olds can't make much of a contribution, but set them up on a safety stool to "wash" plastic-ware so they start feeling like part of the team. By the time they're three, they'll be helping set the table and tear the salad greens. By the time they're ten, they'll be able to make an entire dinner! Make it a fun time of day and your kids will come to enjoy it.

3. Commit to de-stressing and just enjoying your life this summer.

Kids pick up our attitudes. If you're stressed, they'll be stressed, and they'll fight with each other and drive you crazy. Even if you have to work, can you find a way to dial down your stress for the summer? And don't you deserve a delicious summer as much as your children do? Your positive attitude will create a relaxed, happy mood in your house.

4. Help your child develop a healthy relationship with time that includes the important life skill of being comfortable with their own company, without technology. Time is, after all, what life is made of. For more on why it's good for kids to have a chance to be bored, click here.

5. Encourage your child to try something new this summer.

There's no time like the summer to dabble, experiment, and play with creativity. Maybe she wants to try painting, or learn to play the guitar, or build something with a hammer and nails. Maybe he wants to try writing a short story or learn how to throw a frisbee well. New activities encourage brain development and build your child's focus, frustration management and impulse control. For more on nurturing your child's creativity, click here.

6. Strictly limit technology to certain times of the day.

When kids are bored and it's hot outside, screen time has a way of swallowing up all their time. It may be a good babysitter, but we all know that's not what kids need. The more you limit screen time, the better kids get at finding creative things to do with their time -- and the less they bug you to watch TV or play computer games. (Your Age-by-Age Guide to Screen-Free Activities Your Child Can Do With Minimal Supervision )

7. Institute daily reading time.

Books open the imagination, make time disappear, and give kids a wholesome alternative to screens. (Reading is also highly correlated with school achievement.) Reading to your child develops a love of stories and books, which is what starts them wanting to read on their own. For more on helping your child learn to love reading, click here. For a starting list of great books that you can take with you to the library with your child, click here.

8. Why not use this summer to develop more emotional intelligence in your family?

Most parents love "teaching" their children lessons about how things work and how to behave. But the most important learning your child does is about emotions. For instance:

  • How can they express their needs without lashing out at the other person?
  • How can they tolerate uncomfortable feelings, so they can manage them?
  • How can they have difficult conversations and come out of them feeling closer?
  • When they feel angry, or sad, or anxious, or bored, what should they do?

Why not use the time you spend with your child to start talking more about emotions and help them develop more emotional literacy? I'm not suggesting a lecture, but a conversation, where you ask questions and listen more than you talk.

If you need some guidance on where to begin, there are lots of articles on the website, some good questions to get your child talking here, and some good books to read and discuss here. And be sure to build as much roughhousing and laughter as possible into your days!

9. Plan some fantastic family memories.

Don’t wait. The key is to get out a calendar and schedule the things you really want to do.

Start at dinner tonight by asking everyone what they love most about summer. Then ask each person to pick one thing for the whole family to do that will make their summer complete. Set parameters before you start. For instance, you might agree that there will be no hotel stays, and the total cost of each activity must be under $40 (or whatever your budget is.) Here’s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Buy a badminton set and have a weekend tournament complete with a barbecue.
  • Set up a water festival in your backyard that includes dunking, running through sprinklers, a water balloon toss game, a slip ‘n slide, and a water balloon fight. Celebrate the end of the day with watermelon.
  • Rent bikes and follow a local bike path you’ve never been on. Stop for ice cream cones.
  • Go camping. Go hiking, catch fireflies, roast marshmallows, sing songs, snuggle on a blanket and watch the fire together.
  • Go tubing. Or canoeing. Or rafting. Be sure to cool off by getting wet.
  • Have a dinner picnic and watch the sunset (bring the bug repellent).
  • Go to the beach and spend the day body surfing. When you get cold, collect shells and use them to decorate your sand castle.
  • Go to bed really early some night when you’re tired, and get up for the sunrise. Bring donuts and thermoses of hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Make homemade ice cream. (You don't need an ice cream maker, just rock salt and plastic bags; there are recipes online.)
  • Buy a mess of crabs and cook them up with some corn on the cob. Let the kids stay up late playing tag as it gets dark.

You get the idea. Encourage your family to come up with their ideal scenarios and make a few of them happen. Be sure to toast the family member who chose the activity, and take lots of pictures.

10. The last week of the summer, print out all your summer photos and make a Summer album.

Have a little family celebration on Labor Day weekend where you look at the album together and talk about everybody's favorite parts of the summer. Remind each other of the things that seemed like disasters at the time but are now funny (every family has some of those!) If you do this every summer, you’ll create precious family heirlooms, not to mention a family tradition that will have your kids bragging about how fantastic summer was in their families and begging to look at the Summer albums with you every Labor Day -- even once they’re teenagers!

Article from Aha! Parenting:

Kindergarten Registration!

If you missed our registration/screening event on March 2, 2023, please do not worry - you may still register/enroll your student.

Future Kindergarten students need to be 5 years old on or before September 1, to be enrolled/registered for the 2023-2024 School Year.

Online registration is open now. Go to this link: Kindergarten Registration. Please complete all of the process online, if possible. Please call Kris Foss at 208-854-6060 for assistance.

Shadow Hills Elementary School

We are a PK-6th Public Elementary School in Boise, Idaho! We serve the community of NW Boise and parts of Eagle and Garden City. We have excellent community support for our outstanding teachers and staff! Thank you!


Inspiring curiosity and building integrity to cultivate a positive learning community.


We believe the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Shadow Hills Elementary School is to develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community. We envision a school in which staff:

  • Inspire curiosity

  • Build integrity

  • Cultivate a positive learning community

  • Unite to achieve a common purpose and clear goals

  • Work in collaborative teams

  • Seek and implement best practices that result in student growth and achievement

  • Monitor student progress

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to the overall success and well-being of all students

(Vision based on P. 135 of the following book - Eaker, DuFour & DuFour. (2002). Getting Started: Reculturing Schools To Become Professional Learning Communities. Bloomington, Indiana: National Educational Service.)


We live the values of: Respect - Dignity - Honesty - Responsibility - Teamwork


One year of growth in one year's time...minimum...for each student.

Our Shadow Hills Pledge:

Remember who you are and what you represent. As Shadow Hills Wolves, we will work as a pack to be honest and responsible, to treat everyone with dignity and respect, to do our best, and be great team players!

Parents Make the Difference!

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Boise School District Health and Safety Plan

Please click on this link to view the current Boise School District Health and Safety Plan.

From the School Nurse...

Medication pickup...

If your student has medication in the health office, please arrange to have your student's medication be picked up by an adult. Epipens and inhalers not picked up by the last day of school will be sent home with the student, unless parent requests otherwise.

All other medications not picked up by the last day of school will be disposed of following Boise School District protocol. If you are unable to pick up your student's medication, and would like to make other arrangements, please contact me or Miss Maynard at 208-854-6928 or email me at If you would like me to dispose of your student's medication, please sign the form that will go home next week with your student and return to me.

Thank you!

Katie Battazzo, RN

Shadow Hills Elementary


Reminders...from the School Nurse...

1) The school district procedure regarding illness is linked below. Please review it. It should serve as a good guide with your illness decisions during our school year. If in doubt, please choose to keep your student home until you know what is developing. When a student is not feeling well, they are not at their optimum for learning. Thank you for your efforts to decrease the spread of any type of cold, flu or germs as we head into Flu and Cold season.

2) Our student records including health history plus in-school medication authorization need to be updated every year. Please take 5 minutes to do so.

The easiest way to update is online. By the time your student is at the secondary level, online is the primary option. Please start your annual habit with the following steps:

  1. Open the Boise School District Home page, hover over the ‘Parent & Patrons’ hyperlink which opens more choices.

  2. Look for and click on ‘Infinite Campus Parent Portal’. It is under the heading ‘Programs and Services’. You may already have the Infinite Campus parent portal saved.

  3. Next window, click on ‘Parent Portal’

  4. Sign in

  5. Click on ‘More’ in the black column on left of page

  6. Click on ‘Annual Update’

  7. Thank you

Annual Notification Regarding Public Release of Student Directory Information

The Boise School District complies with federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) as it relates to the release of student directory information to the public. To learn more, log on to and navigate to Parents & Patrons > Parent Information > FERPA Form. Or, please call the Clerk of the Board at 208-854-4123 to obtain a copy of the FERPA form.

From the Social Worker

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Summer - Free Meals!!

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Keep in Contact

Parents/Guardians - Sign-Up for Emergency Text Messaging: Boise School District offers emergency text messaging for parents/guardians. Learn more and sign-up.

Non-Parents (District Staff, News Media, etc.) - Mobile App Available: Boise School District has a mobile app to improve communication to you. The app offers emergency alerts and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Community Activities for Kids!

See the flyers below for baseball, softball, football, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, golf, various athletic and academic camps etc.

YMCA Summer Guide

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Optimist Youth Football!

Registration is open now...see the flyer below...

Summer Reading & Learning Celebration!

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Boise Parks and Rec Track Meet

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Capitol Classic!

See the flyer below for the Capitol Classic Kids Run!!!

Totally Boise!

Check out the Spring and Summer Camps in Boise: Totally Boise!

Youth Golf Program...

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Swimming Program

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Summer STEM Camp

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Opportunities at Riverglen JHS and/or Capital HS

Shadow Hills students go to Riverglen JHS and Capital HS (in 7th & 10th grades). We want our Shadow Hills kids to start making connections at both schools while they are still at Shadow makes for a positive transition later. Please take a look at the opportunities in the flyer(s) below.

Eagles Volleyball Camp!

Eagles Basketball Camp!

Grizzlies Cheer Camp

Eagles Football Camp!

Capital High School - Youth Football Camp (non-contact)...

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