Home of the Brave

By Jadyn

What is the Social issue????

The social issue is that people are attacking in Africa. That is a big problem because not only was Kek away from his mom but other kids can be separated from there parents,and some kids aren't as luckily to be reunited with there parents.

How Can Being an Advocate Help???

If you want to help the people in Africa all you need to do is bring food to a place that works international, so give food to places in need. You could also just donate money. Also one other thing you could do is help the people who just got back from a war zone or even Africa.

Kek Changing

Kek has change by being more of a man, he now is a lot tougher. Also Kek is super brave now, he had to go through a lot of hard times but somehow he manged to be okay. Lastly Kek is also hard working, I know that because it had to take a lot of hard work to get used to living a new place.