Using the Magnifier Tool

On Windows 7

The Magnifier Tool is one of the accessibility tools available on Windows 7. This tool will enable users to enlarge text, images, and items visible on the Desktop. Users are able to move the pointer to hover over items that they choose to magnify. Here you will find a tutorial video, step-by-step instructions, and images to help you utilize this accessibility tool when using a Windows 7 device!

Magnifier Instructions

Step 1. Go to the Start Menu
Step 2. Click All Programs
Step 3. Scroll down and click Accessories
Step 4. Click Ease of Access Center
Step 4. Click Magnifier

The Magnifier tool will open up and you will see a screen like the picture below. The tool has five buttons you can use to decrease magnification, increase magnification, change the view of the screen, find additional options, and find extra help.
Big image

Please watch the Magnifier Tool tutorial below!

Magnifier Tool for Windows 7

How is the Magnifier Tool useful in classrooms?

The Magnifier Tool can be an important application for use in the classroom. Right now I teach a student who has visual deficiencies and has trouble seeing small fonts. This student has preferential seating and is always seated in the front of the class in order to see the text on the interactive white board. In addition, I make sure that I am using an appropriate font size for this student when I print out worksheets, hand outs, and note guides. When using the Chrome Books for Khan Academy, Study Island, presentations, and collaborative assignments, it would be beneficial for this student to utilize the Magnifier tool if when struggling with the font sizes on these websites and activities.

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