Element of Art


Is the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

Pam Grew

Pam Glew, is a contemporary British artist, known for her unique bleaching technique on vintage fabrics and flags. Antique American quilts, brocade and old jeans are dyed black and painted freehand with bleach. By painting onto vintage textiles, the artist plays with our notion of idols, patriotism and the culture of heritage. The portrait slowly develops in the painting process resulting in an image emerging from the cloth. The artist has shown worldwide in 100 group exhibitions and 6 major solo shows.

The artist has collaborated with Terry O’Neill and Bill Wyman and has made portrait commissions and collaborations with Armani, Ralph Lauren, Pepe Jeans, MTV and Mitsubishi Bank.

Ralph Lauren Star ShowCase Ft: "Pam Glew"

Famous Pieces

Beautiful and Damned

For this latest series, the artist uses found materials from the same period. This is the first time she has incorporated antiques into her work. Each piece is deconstructed, dyed, and repeatedly bleached until a portrait emerges from the cloth. Rather than add pigment, Glew takes away the pigments in layers, creating ghostly figures, which appear almost woven into the cloth.

Pam Glew Iconic Flags

Finished Project "Circus"