Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter January 11-15, 2016

Reading Data

This week during our grade level team meetings, we worked on plans for spring intervention. We hope that having the students pulled out and grouped was a time-saver for teachers. Finding the best spot for all students is tricky sometimes, but we did our absolute best to create groups that will work.

It's great to hear our teachers discuss student achievement together. We are all in this together, so we might as well make the most of our time together-helping each other. Our goal is to have more time for sharing ideas on how to help students learn. We've got powerful brains sitting around that table-better to put them to good use while we are all together!

Report Cards Go Home Wednesday, January 13!

Coming up this week...

Jan. 11 Pizza with the Principal

Jan. 11 Building Leadership Team @4pm

Jan. 11 PALS

Jan. 11 Board of Education

Jan. 12 2nd grade Music program

Jan. 13 Send home report cards

Jan. 13 Early Release Collaboration-work on Unit of Instruction

Jan. 14 Team Meetings: BIST consultation

Adverb Game

Have each student write down 10 adverbs and put them in a basket. Next have your students write down 10 things they say throughout the day, for example “can you hold the door for me?” and put them in another basket. The first player chooses one piece of paper from each basket and start acting! Other players ave to guess which adverb he is acting out using the sentence.

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Bulletin Board Idea

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