Echolocation, communication, and adaptations.


Dolphins use echolocation to find their food. Most of the time they swim in groups to catch their food. The echolocation comes from the dolphin's jaw and it sounds like a click. It goes out, and if it hits something, the vibration is bounced back and the dolphin knows where the object is. Dolphins in groups then swim in a circle and push the fish upward. That is how they catch their food.


Dolphins use different clicks and noises to communicate to other dolphins. Their clicks have different pitches, and a lot of times when they communicate, they can make bonds with other dolphins. When they click, sometimes it can be a warning for a predator close by or another dolphin is injured and it needs help.


  • Dolphins are really fast swimmers. They swim along boats to conserve energy and this is called bow-riding.
  • Dolphins are very smart animals. They have a very big brain that helps them hear better.
  • Dolphins hunt in groups. When they hunt in groups, they circle their prey. This behavior helps show their advanced brain adaptation.
Fast Swimming Dolphins by Newport Beach