BeWAre the CYber_BuLLieS

On the internet people make bad choices and do the wrong thing. They aren't necessarily stupid but they don't really think into the cause and the effects of what they do. they don't actually know that things could happen if you put the wrong info on the computer.

internet predators, you gotta watch out for them they are mostly the reason that you need not to put the real info on the internet.If any tension or wired unusuwalnes goes on, report to the athoritys or an adult.

Oh and at school you can get into arguments, they will go home and harrass you like on facebook. Or other websites.

its good just to play computer games
Toms Internet Safety story

Now if you listened to the video then you know thst the internet is not something you should mess up on. The consequences of the things you do on the internet can be great. Remenber be safe on the internet and dont talk to people on the website unless you know them well. It's safer to know than to think take this second video for example.

see what i mean, the internet can be a big deal and if you dont de safe there is an effect to that you wont like it.

Internet Safety Story || This is the Girl

that was sad wasn't it? you can prevent this from happening, its your choice internet safety, it means some thing. you cant go around being stupid on the internet. all of the fallowing events are 100 percent real don't end up like her.

It's hard to say goodbye (Techno Remix)

THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!