The Trail of Tears

Sadness all the way through

Andrew Jackson and the trail of tears and the 1830 Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson signed signed the Indian removal act into lot in 1830, in which authorized the president to negotiate treaties to buy tribal lands in the east in exchange for lands further west.Indian removal act of 1830, find by Andrew Jackson, started the removal of the five civilized Tribes. Choctaw tribe, Seminole tribe, and Creek tribe.

Trail of tears-preparation for the journey

The help that the Cherokee people had on the journey covering the 1000 miles on the trail of tears consisted of 600 wagons and carts,5000 horses and just over 100 oxen.the beginning of the removal of the Cherokee began November of 1838.Disease and infection.The Cherokee were prepared for the March of the trail of tears. No pro visions were made for either shelter or sanitation. , Smallpox, Whooping cough, Measles.The younger, the weak, the elderly, and the sick were the first people to die.4000 Cherokee people died on the Trail of Tears.