Texting and Driving It's Murder

By Zachary Smith

The Main Problem

Texting and driving a dangerous duo. This study From Because Texting And Driving Kills, shows that Almost anything can cause some mishap. Talking cause 1.3X more likely to crash. Reaching for device Cause 1.4X more likely to crash. Dialing is 2.8 X while texting is 23 X more likely. Another interesting fact from the same website explains how driving at 55 mph and texting for 5 sec can cause you to travel the length of a football field.So next time this happens dont answer the Text. Please be safe and don't ignore the law. BE RESPONSIBLE. and don't Answer it
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How many of you have plans over the weekend with friends that will drive some ways if so turn off the phone and just hold off on calling them. Your the reason why they are where they are .