Technology Integrated in Schools

Southwest Allen County School District

Teachers using Technology Integration

Teachers have tools now that they didn't have before, they have more technology than ever before. And there are ways they need should be able to use them to teach their students. There is a system called TPACK that all teachers should know about when using technology. TPACK is providing us with new ways to access and process knowledge in every subject. Also teachers have Standards that they have to follow that are guidelines on what to teach.


When teaching a lesson, teachers have guidelines they have to follow so they teach all that is required. These are the standards.The standards say that students should be able to be creative and innovative, to communicate and collaborate, research,and to be able to solve problems, think critically, and to make decisions all by using technology.

Students with Technology

When students use technology in projects and in the classroom, they need to keep the PARC principles in mind. These are the four basic principles that all visual design should balance, Proximity, Alignment, Repetition, and Contrast.

School District and Communities with Technology

In school districts and in the community there are essential conditions that need to be taken into consideration. These are necessary conditions to effectively integrate technology for learning. They are a shared vision, empowered leaders, engaged community, support policies and consistent and adequate funding.

Classroom Environment with Technology

When you are trying to bring technology into a classroom setting you need to have some personal philosophies with education and technology. These are the questions you need to ask when considering your personal take on technology. What role do you think technology should play in your grade or subject area? How should you (the teacher) use technology in your future classroom/school? How should students use technology in your future classroom/school? How important is it for students to learn how to effective using technology by the end of elementary school, middle school, and high school? What does "effective" use of technology mean? How prepared are you to help students use techology to better learn/understand course/grade level content? Explain.