What Science Says About God

Jesus is all around us By: Hayden Kidd

To All

Jesus is all around us and im here for non believers to prove his excistence scientifically because these days no one seems to believe the true stuff just what science gives us.

The Meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs

This is easily disproved if you really think about it. I mean were is the crater? It is also easily disproved by saying if it actually hit us would't it destroy every other living thing disabling replenishment. Or even knock the earth out of orbit. And one big enough to destroy a species would might even be able to destroy the earth. The reason that the dinosaurs are extinct is because of the flood that happened during the time of Noah's ark which in fact could'nt fit dinosaurs.

The Big Bang

This is probably the most easily disproved its almost impossible. If the universe originated in a bang and there's almost no gravity in space how come the earths is in a perfect formation with the sun and how come the earth isn't still moving since there's no gravity. This proves that god created the universe and it wasn't just originally a mega-planet.


Guys come on THINK. This theory is about how man evolved from a MONKEY if you think about it how come this process isn't still occuring and how come that monkeys yell and yap but we can suddenly talk. This proves that we never evolved god created us this way.


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