March 2015 Newsletter

Mrs. Nativi's 1st grade class

Dear Bobcat parents:

I would like to thank all of you for attending our open house on Thursday. It was nice seeing you again and having the opportunity to share everything that your child has been learning and working on. I am very proud of all my 1st grade students for doing so well in class. I really enjoy having each and everyone one of them in my classroom. This month is full of new learning journeys, fun-filled activities, and exciting events!

Upcoming Events

2-6 Dr. Suess Week
6 Picture Day
9-13 Spring Break
16-27 Fundraiser
20 Field Trip

What will we be learning?

We have been learning all about the elements of a story. This month we will be learning the part of speech. Students will be writing a fairy tale and incorporating everything they have learned.
In math, we will be working on 3 addends. Students will learn to add three numbers together to get a sum.
Social Studies
In social studies, we will be working with maps. We will learn map symbols, why maps are useful, and what we can find on maps. They will also learn to identify states, countries, and oceans on a map.
In science, we will be learning about oceans and the sea life.


Fundraiser packets will be sent home this week. Order forms will be due Friday, March 27. As always, I am available to answer any questions about your child's educational process. Mrs. Nativi
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