Rhode Island

Zoe and Amal

Geography and Landform

In Rhode Island there are lots of bays and rivers. For example some of the lakes and rivers are:the Queen river,the Wood river,the Blackstone river,the Seekonk river and the Pawtuxe river. The largest bay is 28 miles. One of the bays almoast cuts Rhode Island in half! There is fresh water and lots of wetlands.

Did you know that there are no mountas in Rhode Island! It's true! Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states! It is in the North Eastern United States. The regon is known as New England. Did you know Rhode Island has b36 islands. There are still hills even though it has no mountains. They have lots of vinyards and winerys too! There are public gardens and natural gems! There is 384 miles of shoreline! Rhode Island is 3/5 woodland.

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Did you know that in 1774 Rhode Island was the first of the 13 colonies to outlaw the importing of slaves?! In 1929-36 The Great Depression causes about $115 million in property damage! In 1890 it was Rhode Island's 100th birthday! In 1778 the Rhode Island Battle ends in a draw. Did you know Rhode Island was the first colony to declare indapendins from the Great Briten!? In 1968 the new port bridge is finished. In 1835 the state's first rail rode is put between Boston and Rhode Island. In 1938 is hit the hardest by the New England Huracane!
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Children have to help their parents with chores like cooking and cleaning. Men had to grow crops wile women cooked, cleaned and raised children. In the winter they have a winner carnival and you can ice skate because they have 300 lakes! In the summer you can swim,fish and go on a boat ride in the coastal waters. You can go biking, nature walking, hiking,bird watching,surfing,kayaking,canning and playing music.
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Fun facts!

Did you know that Rhode Island's size is 1,231square miles and the population is 987,429 1979's estimated! Rhode Island's Narragast bay is named after the Narragast tribe who where Native Americans! Rhode Island's state bird is the Rhode Island Red Hen! Some of Rhode Island's nicknames are Little Rhody and the Ocean state!