At A Glance

Life at CLHS October 17th - 22nd

Monday Meeting: MAP Results are In!

Please come with your laptop and MAP Login. rm 122
The Great California Shake Out

LUSD will be participating in the Great California Shake Out on Thursday October 20th at 10:40am

Important Dates in October

Wednesday Oct. 19th is PSAT's

Thursday Oct. 20th 6:30pm Parent Movie Preview Night: "A Girl Like Her" rm 122

Wednesday Oct. 26th all Juniors will be taking the ASVAB in the gym

**Anti-Bullying Week: October 24th - 28th**

Friday Oct. 28th: 7th Period Assembly Schedule: Anti-Bullying/Last Home Game

From the Principal's Desk

It has been brought to my attention that communication is not always as clear as it should be as it generates from the sender to the receiver. Why is this occurring? Is it a rare thing or is it all too common? We have all played the telephone game and laughed about how confused the final message can be from its original sender. Why is it so funny? I believe that it is because we can all relate to the problem and have both been guilty of both repeating a message inaccurately as well as believing that a message we generated would be clear to all audiences because of some “ubiquitous” common understandings. Of course as common as we think things are and should be, they rarely are as clear as they could be.

By making these assumptions and moving forward without checking for understanding and or levels of comprehension we miss a chance for clean communications. I have recently been guilty of the same in some of my dealings with the staff at CLHS. It was brought to my attention in a recent meeting. My error was in assuming a common understanding of the CSTPs- or the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. ( a quick description of the CSTPs and how some districts use them is located here.) While these have been existence in CA for decades-1996, they are often hidden in some other fashion. In our case they are the source for our evaluation tool/document.

My point here isn’t to belabor the need to know the CSTPs, but rather to point out that we can all do better in our communications with others. I blundered by my couching my directives around a code of conduct that has/had not been well shared and so placed people in an awkward situation. As we work with your students and each other, please, let us be more careful in our assumptions and basis for judging others actions Let’s be careful that they aren’t laid over our own framework of understandings and not one that is commonly shared or well communicated.

Each of us has a rich history and set of experiences that shape who we are and how we function. It is awesome that we have this diversity. We should share where we are coming from as appropriate. We should also keep in mind that others don’t always share the same history and that this will influence the messages that they receive. Communications are a tricky set of skills that are always in need of fine tuning. I have learned something this week.


Congrats Becky!!

Give Mrs. Davis-Lawler a high five! Mrs. Davis-Lawler recently earned funding for "Effective Technology Instruction". Way to think outside the box Becky!

- iPad Pro 9.7-inch (128GB, Wi-Fi, Gold) 2016 Model, quantity 1, $675.97 each
- Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, White (MK0C2ZM/A), quantity 1, $99.00 each
- Apple MJYR2LL/A Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro, quantity 1, $169.00 each

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Yoga in Conditioning, led by Christian Foutch

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Cheerleaders presented a bouquet of pink flowers to Cary at Friday's "Paint the Stands Pink" football game.