Adrienne Rich


The Life of an American Poet

Adrienne Rich was born May 16, 1929 in Maryland, and died March 27, 2012 in California. She was and American poet who would talk about feminist thoughts in her poems and books. When her poems first got noticed, she was a college student. She won multiple honors for being talking about woman's rights and being a leader.

Her very first book Diving into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972 published in 1973, won a National book award with poetry! She talked about feminism strongly and included the idea in multiple of her books. In her book On Lies, Secretes and Silence, she talks about how feminist theorist have shaped her life. Growing up in a lifetime where woman were just then starting to vote, made her knowledge about the subject stronger and have more connections.

Feminist thoughts and actions are in our state, our city and our school. Sport teams are mainly for one gender and playing games in gym class, have you noticed that the males don't pass to the females? And that it is basically a game against the sexes? Yeah these are the issues we have in todays life. She help our world become what it is today, because it was way worse. Feminism has come along way. It is not perfect, but it is way better thanks to her.