Whales and Pollution

By: Brendan Roberson 3A

what/how are the pollutions affecting the whales

  • Noise Pollution

Whales use their sense of hearing for many purposes; such as hunting for prey, navigation, migration, and distinguishing the members of the same species, but with so many artificial sounds in our oceans its difficult for whales to distinguish them all.

  • Littering

Littering can also lead to death of whales and many other organisms because of toxic substances in trash ( oil, detergents, pesticides, trash) that once eaten by whales can often lead to their deaths.

  • Water Pollution

water polluted with nutrients can lead to huge growth of toxic algae which when eaten by Whales may cause serious diseases and death.

Noise Pollution

harmful or annoying levels of noise

Oil Pollution

An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment primarily because of humans.
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an estimated 300,000 whales die because of fishing activities and pollution each year