Sanne for President!

Stop dreaming, start DOING!

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A little intoduction about me!!

My name is Sanne Maas and I'm 14 years old. If you think that's too young to be a President, vote for me and I'll show it to you. I'm in the third year of the secondary school. Everything will change when you choose me (in a good way).

So VOTE for ME!!!!

New Laws!!

My plans for America!

The first thing I want to say is that I love America. So I want to do anything to make a better country. I would change the laws you see above and I would make new laws which I've figured out. The second thing is that all the ideas you have are welcome. I would look in to it.

My Vice President

Larissa would be my Vice President because she works always very hard. It doesn't matter what, she'll do it and she'll do it very well. I know that for sure and I trust her because Larissa has never disappointed me about things like that.

My favourite president is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is now the presisdent of America. He is a politicus and a writer. In 2009 he has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I like him because in my opinion he did good things. Obama did always helped people. When he was president he did make new laws immediately. Like get the army out of Iraq.
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