HSHS Student Council Update

Fall 2015-16

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The 2015-16 Student Council Members:

Executive Council President = Maddie Keely

Executive Council Treasurer = Mikayla Dickinson

Executive Council Secretary = Demi Trabucchi

Advisor: Heather Keiser

Senior Class President = Zoey Bezilla

Senior Class Vice President = Aaron Troilo

Senior Class Treasurer = Donny Molosky

Senior Class Secretary = Isabella Ouellette

Senior Class Representative = Emma Ortlieb

Senior Class Representative = Kolton Jacobs

Advisor: Kelly Dutcher

Junior Class President = Erika Lechner

Junior Class Vice President = Izzy Gracy

Junior Class Treasurer = Noah Erxleben

Junior Class Secretary = Haley Rushing

Junior Class Representative = Cam Kennard

Junior Class Representative = Lydia Damoose

Advisor: Sarah Saddison

Sophomore Class President = Martha Johnston

Sophomore Class Vice President = Jacob Pater

Sophomore Class Treasurer = Thomas Kelbel

Sophomore Class Secretary = Annie Lesky

Sophomore Class Representative = Zoë Shepherd

Sophomore Class Representative = Kaleigh Jacobs

Advisor: Danele Bosker

Freshmen Class President = Clara Pater

Freshmen Class Vice President = Madi Bezilla

Freshmen Class Secretary = Sophia Billideau

Freshmen Class Treasurer = Lucy Chamberlin

Freshmen Class Representative = Laura Graham

Freshmen Class Representative = Elliott Langton

Homecoming Happenings

Theme: Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

Each grade level will decorate their homecoming float based on a different house from Hogwarts:

Seniors: Gryffindor

Juniors: Slytherin

Sophomores: Ravenclaw

Freshmen: Hufflepuff

Throughout homecoming week, teachers and coaches will award students with "house" points based on extraordinary performances and behaviors. As teachers and administrators in this district, please let me or Maddie Keely know if you witness an extraordinary athletic, academic, or social/behavioral achievement next week. In addition, the "houses" will compete to have the highest percentage of their class participate in spirit week. The house champion will be announced during halftime of the homecoming game.

Homecoming Court

The senior class chose their homecoming queen's court based on the following characteristics:

1) She should have a positive school attitude.

2) She is a participant in school activities.

3) She sets a good example in her daily life.

4) She actively demonstrates school spirit.

5) She strives for excellence in her schoolwork.

6) She shows pride when representing her school.

7) She encourages others and is self-confident.

8) She is courteous and kind in dealing with teachers, parents, and students.

The 2015-16 Homecoming Court and their escorts are:

-Maddie Keely escorted by Zach Hunt

-Alexa Jenson-Philbrick escorted by Jack Carter

-Zoey Bezilla escorted by Ethan Tippett

-Demi Trabucchi escorted by Kolton Jacobs

-Claire Fleming escorted by Mitchell Corey

-Isabella Ouellette escorted by Dennis Boynton

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Homecoming Events


Friday, October 16, 5:30 - starts in the Holy Childhood Parking lot


Friday, October 16, 7:00, Ottawa Stadium

Crowning of the Homecoming Queen & Spirit Week "House" Winner Announced:​


Community Bonfire:

Immediately after the game in the parking lot at Ottawa Stadium

Homecoming Dance:

Saturday, October 17, 9:00-12:00, $5/student

Ram Pride

In collaboration with the Harbor Springs Police Department, Student Council is launching the Ram Pride program for all grade levels this school year. This is a student safety and good behavior program to encourage students to avoid specific risky behaviors and focus on the positive aspects of their lives (good grades, good behavior, safe driving, etc.). Ask a student council member for more details about this exciting collaboration.

Community Clean-up

Student Council members will be cleaning up our community on November 8. We usually focus on areas around the schools, but if you know of an place in Harbor Springs that needs some extra attention, please let Maddie Keely know.