Monthly Newsletter for Members

November at T-REx

Things to take note of this month:

Learn to code

Codesteader will be holding night classes multiple times a week for the next few weeks starting this Monday, Nov. 5th. This program is similar to Code Academy and will be teaching people how to code. T-REx member -Shawn McGinness (shawn@codesteader.com) can answer questions you may have.

StartLouis Monthly Meetup

StartLouis is Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 7pm at T-REx. Speakers include Gabe Lozano, CEO of Lockerdome + RollSale. Free event. Email T-REx member Dylan Hassinger (d@dylanized.com) if you have questions about this group.

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is Nov. 9-11. We will be hosting lots of strangers that weekend, please be smart about your things--lock em up or take em home that weekend. If you are interested in participating or have questions about the weekend, please email me, rmayer@downtownstl.org.


T-REx's face lift: You may notice some of the walls are being painted, some carpets are being replaced, a dishwasher is going to be put in and a few other things. We are aiming to have all major construction finished by Dec. 1.

Not all physical space issues will be solved. We are looking for solutions on how to spruce up the big gray hallways on 12, what to do about signage & furniture for the lobby--if you have solutions to these problems, we would love to hear them.


Single Stream Recycling -- everything you are throwing out is getting recycled.

No more compost--except for during big events we host.

Questions about other cleaning issues should be directed to: Karen Still, krex1977@gmail.com


Membership meeting Friday, Nov. 2nd at 11am regarding internet. Meeting will take place in the open area by Gremln.com and will be no longer than 20 minutes. If you cannot attend, please email: jwiles@copioustech.com

YOU & YOUR COMPANY and the shared space:

Lots of new people have moved in, businesses are growing, things are happening. Please introduce yourself to each other & make sure you have a Yammer profile to stay up to date on T-REx day to day information.

SAVE THE DATE: 12/06/12

T-REx Holiday Party

Thursday, Dec. 6th 2012 at 6-8pm

611 Olive St

St Louis, MO

We are going to celebrate working in this massive building by kickin up our heels and celebrating the holidays.

There will be a band, play area for your children, beer and more.

Plan on bringing a dish or wine to share. All T-REx members & their families invited.

Jurassic Perk Update

Coffee: Sleeve a Message and others opened this community coffee shop on the 12th floor. If you are interested in having espresso, coffee for your meetings, there are fixings on the 12th floor. Contact Jesse to get involved: jesse@sleeveamessage.com

Food: T-REx member, Alex Silversmith will be using T-REx as a beta test for a new venture selling fresh food in an office setting. He will be stocking a fridge full of sandwiches and other items that you can purchase from an ipad in Jurassic Perk. Questions about how this works email: ajsilversmith@gmail.com

Highlights in October

View from a T-REx window

New to our neighborhood

Keep Working

We are happy you are part of the T-REx community and are interested in hearing from you about ways to make the place work better for YOU and YOUR company (although we are not miracle workers nor do we have much of a budget) --BUT we like you, so feel free to email comments, questions to: rmayer@downtownstl.org