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Double Dose of Fun: April 25-May 6

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Dear Parents,

This week we have been very busy working on some top secret Mother's Day projects and wrapping up our book nominations. Therefore, we will not be sending home family journals or creating S'More articles this week. This S'More is a two week combined newsletter with last week's articles.

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some important dates to note specifically for our class:

  • Friday, June 3rd: Field Trip to Philadelphia International Children's Festival- please let me know if you are interested in chaperoning and have not yet attended a field trip this year with our class.
  • Field Day Shirts: We will be decorating our field day shirts on Monday, June 6th. I will send home a form with more information next week. Please be sure to order a shirt from the PTA or send in a green shirt before Friday, June 3rd. Shirts ordered will come directly to our classroom.
  • Fruity Fridays: be sure to pack fruit for a snack or with lunch
  • Dragon Wagon is going well! We will continue to trade books every Wednesday.
  • Follow our class on Instagram: @thatsgrimtastic
  • Google Drive: Weekly photos posted "Pictures 2015-2016" labeled with dates for each week. Feel free to browse through the drive, but please be careful not to edit or delete anything. The directions on how to access our account are posted on eBoard. Here is our account information for quick reference: email: 2gowls@gmail.com password: 2Grocks (please note that we do NOT use this email account for any other purpose- please do not send any email to this account.

This week and last week's pictures can be seen by clicking on the links below...

Reader's CAFE by Jackson and Mrs. Grimenstein

This week students focused on cause and effect relationships while reading fables and folk tales. We read Half-Chicken to learn how weather vanes came to be, and found the cause and effect relationships in The Lion and the Mouse. Students enjoyed doing a "scoot" activity to practice the challenging skill of identifying cause and effect within a sentence.

Last week students learned about drawing conclusions by summarizing. Last week we learned about drawing conclusions and summarizing in the story, The Goat in the Rug. Students were intrigued by the various types of textiles around the world, and created their very own riddle quilt after reading the poetry book, Quilt Alphabet.

Students have been gaining stamina and growing in their independent reading strategies. Here is what Jackson has been reading:

This week I read How to Train Your Dragon the complete book of Dragons. My favorite dragon is a Silver Phantoms. They love to stay in the sky. They also have a huge horn on their nose. They also eat fish. I love dragons. I read it with Aidan. I also know that the Silver Phantom eats fish and sheep. They mostly eat fish though. ~Jackson

Caterpillars by Colin, Mimi, Mark, Patrick, and Johnny

This Week in school we got caterpillars. They are about one centimeter. It's insane. They are all going to turn into butterflies. Some people got one caterpillars but I got two. I named one Sticky feet because he can stick to the wall. The other one is called Meatball cause he's bolkey. Mine are so,so cool, and their food is called Malow. It smells worse than a Souwer. So whatever you do, don't smell Mallow. ~ Colin

This week in school we took care of baby caterpillars. It was really cool. I named her Butterfly.When I first got her she was tan and now she's black . They eat a cool flower called mallow.It smells like rotten bread and it feels like a gross wet sponge, but i got used to touching it. The caterpillars are as big as my fingernail. They’re so cute at least i think so. Yes i do think the garden was looking nice now it still does, but it's so cold and it's spring! I wanted to know if you have ever saw a pink lady caterpillar? ~Mimi

This week in school we had science. In science we got caterpillars. We are learning about their life cycle. My caterpillars started out tan then they turned black! The next day. I wonder if my caterpillar will make it though it’s life cycle? Mine didn’t spin silk yet. We inspect every day. ~Mark

This week in school we started to grow caterpillars. The type of caterpillars were painted ladies. There names are A.J. And Le’von. The caterpillars are 1 cm long. We feed them mallow. All of them were black. Have you ever grown caterpillars before? ~Patrick

This week in school we got new caterpillars. Some were black and some were gray. We each got our own caterpillars to look at. They will turn into butterflies soon. I named my caterpillar Squirmy the caterpillar. It was a great name because the caterpillar was very squirmy. We gave Squirmy mallow plants to eat. We also gave Squirmy a nice habitat to live in. Squirmy loved his home and so do I. ~Johnny

Take Your Child to Work Day by Alexander, Olivia, Brandon, and Emma

This week in school we got to see Mrs. Grimenstein’s kids, Hallie & Claire. They stayed the whole day. It was really fun because they did drill sounds warm up. That was the best day of my life. It was lucky, because they with us to the community meeting. ~ Alexander

This week in school Mrs Grimenstein brought in Hallie and Claire for Take your Child to work day. Hallie sat next to me at the community meeting. She was so cute! Also she did a Go Noodle with us. Aidan, Alyce and I read to her. We read books to her including: The Ugly Duckling. I also held her hand while we were walking to the community meeting. I had a great time! ~Olivia

This week in school we had take your child to work day! It was cool because we had math with eleven people including me. We had stations like math games, geoboards and making spring pictures with shapes. First I played fishing for ten with Colin and Alexander. It was crazy since Colin and I had one card and Alexander had two, but I got the right card and won! Then I made a picture with shapes. It was a rose or a dandelion or blue flower thing. It was hard to copy, really hard! It looked like shapes barfed. Also I cleaned up the geoboards and cattys and got two gem punches! It was like a ghost town at school. I can't wait for the next take your child to work day! Here's a question. How many people were at your school on take your child to work day?~ Brandon

This week in school Hallie and Claire came to our school for take your child to work day! When Mrs.G came outside with Hallie and Claire, I did not know why they are here at this school!I I thought Hallie and Claire's school was canceled. For morning meeting we’re calling on people in our class.Claire and I were coloring a picture. When we left Claire wanted me to stay. Mrs G said Claire wanted me to have a play date with me. I love to play with Claire. ~Emma


Over the past two weeks students have been learning about partitioning rectangles into equal squares and building arrays as an introduction to the meaning of multiplication. We practiced separating counters into equal groups and differentiating between number models such as 4 x 3 vs. 3 x 4. Students enjoyed using geoboards, pattern blocks, and playing skill-reinforcing games such as Array Concentration, Addition basketball, Fishing for 10, and Beat the Calculator. We will wrap up Unit 8 and have our assessment next week.

Arbor Day

Lizzy Haddon's second grade was selected to celebrate Arbor Day this year by planting a tree with the Shade Tree Commission. We were so excited to learn about the very first Arbor Day and how so many trees have been planted in Haddonfield each year. Thank you to Mayor Kasko, Mr. Bissinger, and the Shade Tree Commission for including us in this special event!

For Your Calendar

5/10 8:45 am 2nd Grade Gifted and Talented Testing

5/10 Boy Who Would be Captain Hook Assembly, Grades K-2, 10AM

5/11 PTA Meeting, 730PM

5/12 School Store, 1150-1240

5/12 Incoming 6th gr. Parent Orientation, 7PM, HMS Auditorium

5/13 Interims posted on Genesis – Grs. 1 thru 5, 330PM

5/14 Science Olympiad Regional Tournament

5/18 Salad Bar

5/18 Community Meeting 10:00am (We will be presenting)

5/19 6:30pm Elizabeth Haddon Open House/Art Show

5/27 Half Day

5/30 No School: Memorial Day

5/31 School Store

6/3 2nd Grade Field Trip to Annenberg Center