Gone Google

Huntsville I.S.D. Goes Google

Beginner Gmail Tip

Don't Miss the "More" Button

So many of the great features of Gmail appear to be hidden, which can keep the client from being overwhelming or make it seem really hard to find important stuff! As you begin using Gmail, don't miss the more button, which you'll see on any open email or stack of emails. That's important stuff!

(P.S. There are many such buttons in Gmail. Hover your mouse around and look for them. Click them all. They won't cause explosions.)

Super Nerdy Gmail Tip

Boomerang: When Sending Right Now Is Just Not Good Enough

Let's say that I need to send an email next week to remind you to pick up a latte for me on the way into work; if I send that today, you won't remember, but if you get it juuuust when you wake up, my odds of receiving the latte (vanilla, skim, sugar free, please) greatly increase. Using a little tool called "Boomerang," I can schedule that message to be sent to you NOW, but you won't receive it until 6:15 a.m. next Tuesday. Boomerang does a lot more than that, but you'll figure that out yourself if you're still reading. Get it here.