Leadership 2014

By Ashleigh Crawshaw

Leadership Skills

I began this semester with skills that defined me as a delegative leader. At first I had no clue what that meant and I thought that maybe it was a bad thing because it meant I wasn't as efficient as the other leadership types. This class changed that for me because it forced me to embrace my skills in belief, connectedness, ideation and deliberation. I grew as a leader and developed great patience, public speaking, and people skills. Being a delegative leader means I put more pressure and expectation on those I am leading. Most people believe this type of leadership doesn't work but I think it fits me perfectly because I love to be hands on but I also enjoy watching those I am working with make through a difficult task with my guidance but without my help.

Guest Speakers

We listened to three great speakers this semester. Dr. Rosco from Seaman School Board, Mrs. Klein from Seaman's Internship Class, and Sean Frost from untied way. I learned a great deal from each of these speakers about the opportunities that we have to help our community. Dr. Rosco prepared us for what would be required of us in a job interview and that it is important to have a goal and to be a life long learner. Mrs. Klein shared with us how we can join her intern class and do hands on work in the career field that interest us. Sean Frost talked about the Youth Volunteer Corps of Topeka. This speaker interested me the most because he made this organization sound like a lot of fun and he shared stories about when he was a teen and in this group.


This book was very inspiring to me. At first I wasn't sure what this book was about, but once the author addressed her problem at her work I knew I would like it. The struggle she goes through to make her employees happy is tough and I hope I will have her strength and wisdom if I am ever put in the same situation.

Projects & Community Service

Seminar Change Drive

This was the our first class project. It was a rocky start but it was my favorite project and I believe the most successful. We raised a great deal of money for Topeka North Out Reach and really got the whole school involved. This project put me in a leadership role right away and really tested my abilities.

North Fairview Elementary

I personal did not want to do this project but most of our group wanted to work with kids so we threw a Thanksgiving Party. The kids really enjoyed it and it went well. We had quite a few complications along the way but our group worked well together and figured it out.

Candy Cane Gram

This project went very well for being the first of its kind. No one at our school had sold anything like this for Christmas before so it took awhile for people to want to buy the candy canes. This project was very difficult and really pushed myself and my group members to think on our toes and figure out the problems we faced.

Operation Backpack

I gained most of my volunteer hours by helping with Operation Backpack. It's an amazing organization that a group of church members created for kids in the North Topeka area. They meet the first thursday of every month and pack sacks of food for kids to take home over the weekend. All the food is donated and all the workers are volunteers. I loved helping pack and sort the food with fellow youth and community members. This organization is a great example of what can happen when you work hard and pursue your dreams.

Class Critique

I loved this class. I looked forward to it each morning and got a lot closer with old friends. I would recommend this class to everyone because I really believe it teaches you a lot about yourself and makes you grow as a person. I saw everyone in the class grow more independent, confident, and overall become leaders. My leadership skills have improved greatly and I am now confident in every leadership role I am put in. I wish this class was year long because I loved going to visit the Humane Society and creating projects that really helped our community.

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