From Sea To Salt

By: Anvitha Gaddi


Have you ever wondered where salt comes from? I sure have. Read more to find out where it comes from and how it's made.


It all starts in the sea. Workers come in a big truck and pump sea water into shallow ponds. The workers put the sea water in a big truck. Now we are driving to the factory.


Now we have arrived at the factory. They bring the tub of water over to the boil. Soon the sea water to slowly evaporate . When the salt is ready the machines at the factory remove the chemicals from the salt. After that the workers at the factory start to experiment with the salt to get the right texture then they put the salt in little packets and tubs. Finally the salt gets shipped to the store.


We have arrived at the store.Come in! Here those tiny packets and tubs get sold. People buy it to help food have more flavor. In fact everybody in the whole wide world might have salt!

Fun Facts

Did you know that rain makes salt runny? I didn't. Did you know that if you ate a whole salt cube you would die. I'm telling you even if you love salt on its own don't eat a salt cube.


Now that you have read this try to make your own salt today!
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