What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

Judgement- we use it everyday to make important decisions and do whats right.

When people like Gatsby and Goldman Sachs started their journey to success, the only intention was to make money and have a great career. But on the journey, the judgement of whats right and whats wrong was lost.

Roger & Me (1989 trailer) a film by Michael Moore
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Despite the time difference, "Roger and me", "Inside Job", and "The Great Gatsby" share similarities

When Tom wedded Daisy, he was head over heels for her, but once he got bored and desired a new kind of lust, Tom moved on to the mistress Myrtle. Even if Tom was aware of his lifelong relationship with Daisy, he lost his judgement of standards set by society and made Myrtle his mistress thinking it was okay to "go off on a spree and make a fool of myself [himself]" (Fitzgerald 251). In this same manner, Executive of GM Motors lost judgement of the right thing to do. He was well aware of the locations of his factories, small towns, and the fact that most of the people depended on these factories to maintain a decent standard of living. Yet he still chose to cut over 30,000 jobs and closed factories in the small city with no reason up his sleeve.

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The prey in the movie Inside Jobs had one thing in common with Nick Carraway of The Great Gatsby. Even with the clear and cut judgement of what the right thing is, both Nick and executives reported in "Inside Jobs" made the wrong judgement. Nick Carraway, originally seen as one of the few reserved and sincere men in The Great Gatsby, eventually looses his proper judgement as well. Rather than doing the right thing according to his judgement of the situation, he kept his mouth shut when it mattered the most. Like Mr. Carraway, many bankers would provide certain loans only if the amount of profit is just as high, even if that meant providing the worst loan possible. Bankers would look past their trained judgement of providing the best loan for the consumer in order to receive the largest paycheck.

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In Gordon Gekko's speech "Greed is Good", it says people know greed is a bad thing but it is good for success. Everyone has a judgement of the word greed and the malice created by it, yet they are still greedy to succeed. In the same context, columnist

Michael Hiltzik states that executives are decriminalized for no reason, showing that the proper judgement of these executives is visible but not recognized by the people who make decisions. Jay Gatsby could also relate to the absurd cost of the dream, as it made him totally lose his judgement towards his true love, Daisy. As the greed took over Gatsby, his judgement of doing the right thing seized, and didn't even get Daisy in the end.