Teacher Spotlight

NCVPS Science Department

Trish Loudermilt

Teaching Strategy: Coaching Through Feedback
Trish sees feedback as a way to coach students to success by focusing on skills in the assignment as well as content. In her feedback, she encourages students to add specific details to support conclusions, corrects grammar, and sets high expectations for the quality of work each student submits. This strategy not only increases performance in science, but helps students develop skills that are cross-curricular, such as writing well, and prepares students for future endeavors.

What does Trish like to do in her spare time?

I ride my own Harley Davidson StreetGlide. It is a hobby I took up at age 49. I didn’t tell my family I had signed up for the motorcycle course until I passed. Then my husband bought me a “bike”. He rides a HD UltraClassic. I have ridden to Florida, West Virgina, all the Blue Ridge Parkway, ridden in the Black Hills of SD and Yellowstone area. We have many more trips planned on our “bucket list”.

How cool is this?

What does Trish think is the key to success for an online teacher?

A successful online teacher must be ready to adapt to change quickly. Nothing stays the same for very long. Websites come and go, the greatest tech equipment ever is just a day away, and curriculum design is transforming faster than they can train us. Don’t stop to complain about how it was last year or even last semester. Always look forward and look for solutions. If plan A or B didn’t work, time to go for plan C, D, E, . .