Rainbow Lorikeets

They need our help to keep safe


Rainbow lorikeets need food and water.

They eat pollen, flowers and eucalypts leaves.

They can also eat fruit seeds and some insects.

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We threaten Rainbow Lorikeets survival.

We need to stop now.

We do a lot of bad things to Rainbow Lorikeets.


Some animals effect their environment and habitats.

How selfish of them.

Peregrine falcons destroy Rainbow Lorikeets habitat.

Another animal that destroys their habitat are diamond pythons.

Brown falcon, Koalas and whistling kites also destroy their habitat.

We are harming these birds

They can be that we cut down trees.

Another bad thing is that we hunt for them.

People who pet Rainbow Lorikeets feed them bread and honey.

Bread and honey is not healthy for them.

Environments affect

The environment can effect Rainbow Lorikeets habitat.

Koalas stay on the same tree as Rainbow Lorikeets.

There are also different trees that Rainbow Lorikeets don't like.

Protect the Rainbow Lorikeets

There are many ways that we can protect Rainbow Lorikeets.

We can stop cutting down trees.

Stop hunting.

We can also give them liquid diets.

And we can pet them as a bird

Start and stop

Lets start protecting them and stop destroying their habitat