The Misfits

By: James Howe

The Beginning and Middle

The Misfits is about I don't know how to explain it but like they talk about people. What I mean as like name calling. So the head person (the principal) heard about it, and so he made up this thing and its called "No Name Calling Week Is Here". I stopped at that part but Im pretty sure that some if the name calling will stop, but I might have a bit of a chance that it won't stop because people there Bully others mostly everyday. It's like one of those habits. Like my habit is I love being on my phone. But the schools habit is calling people hurtful names.

What I have read about so far

When I first read the book there was a lot of details. But as soon as I got into the second chapter thats when all the action took place. There was name calling, bullying, and so on. Well now in the book I am in the middle of it and thats when the principal comes in pretty handy. He now made a rule called "No Name Calling Week Is Here". I think what that week is if somebody makes fun of you then you have to report it and see how much people they have going and telling them. But so far so good the book.