Dont do drugs

They can kill you in an instant

It's not good for you

What ever you do never take drugs! say your walking down the street and you see a close friend taking a random drug and they ask you to do it to, well hopefully your parents thought you well and you don't and just walk away.


  • Some of the side affects of stimulants.
  • Speeds up central nervous system , mainly brain and spinal cord.
  • They are known as "uppers"
  • The cause you heat rate to speed up and breathing to speed up.
  • They make you jittery, and shaky, and also paranoid
  • these stimulants are ecstasy, cocaine, crack, diet pills, marijuana, and steroids


  • Depressants decrease the function of you brain and respiration
  • Depressants are know as "Downers"
  • They cause Drowsiness, Relaxed muscles, Slurred speech, Confusion, poor concentration, and a lowered heart rate.
  • Some depressants are Valium, Xanax. They are all known as "sleeping Pills"


  • Common house hold products are used as breathable chemicals to get high.
  • It acts as if it is a depressant
  • Inhalants are known as "whippets"
  • Inhalants cause slurred speech, Dizziness, Nausea or vomiting, Loss of consciousness, and lowered heart rate.
  • Types of Inhalants-Paint thinner, Aerosols, Cleaning fluid, Gasoline, Glues, And cooking sprays.


  • Narcotics-Drugs that contain opium or Opium substances.
  • The legal narcotics are prescribed by doctors to relieve severe pain.
  • some legal ones are Morphine, Demoral, Codeine, Oxycontin, And vicodin.