Keeping Up With Me in Grade 3!

Weekly Newsletter 9/1/15


We are moving into comparing numbers in Math this week, but you may still see some rounding coming home on homework just to reinforce the skill. Comparing numbers tends to be a skill most children understand easily, but if you see that this is not the case, here are some practice sites you can use:

The link below is a link I found on WRIC that you may find useful as well:


We are continuing our Matter unit this week. The test will be on Thursday the 3rd. Please make sure your child is studying their study guide every night!

Reminders and Information


RTI is is a time block during the day where the students go (sometimes to a different teacher) to work on skills that they may be struggling with or can excel further in. Some are in Math for two weeks and some are in Reading. In two weeks, we will swap so your child will be getting both.

Field Trips

October is quickly approaching, which means our Holiday Lake field trip is as well.

Washington D.C. payments can come anytime. Remember, they need to be paid in full by December to guarantee a spot.