I Drink Champagne for Breakfast...

Doesn't Everybody?

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Top by the glass Champagne sold during the December holiday season was from a Grower.

- Click here to see the top selling by the glass Champagne

Nine of the Champagne Houses represented 98% of by the glass sales, with the top two representing over 50%.

- Click here to see Champagne House sales data

Champagne Growers vs. Champagne Houses - What do you think?

New BinWise Features

Want to know how your account is doing? This just became a whole lot easier.

The Home Page will now showcase your important data right away - in an easy to read fashion. Below some highlights that will be part of the new homepage.

Inventory Visibility

-Three pie charts that quickly identify data in your active inventory: Total Dollar ($) Value, Total Bottle Quantity, and Unique SKU Count.

-A historical bar chart that will show how your inventory counts have been over a certain time frame. Each category in your account (wine, beer, liquor, other) will have a marker to show the progression from count to count.

Sales Visibility

-A Day to Day Progression of all your sales activities. Each sales category value will be included so that you can see your weekly sales patterns. Hate forgetting to match sales? This will be a timely daily reminder to get to it: no sales matching - no data!

-A weekly average of COGS for your program without any manual work. Set the dates and follow the fluctuations of your Cost % by week. See your data in aggregate or by specific item type.

Status Alerts

-NEW Videos - we are spending a lot of time developing training and tip tools to expedite communication of new features via video formats. Please check here for new content.

-Inventory Date - This is the date used for all reporting. Each inventory, this date will update.


Does you inventory look low? Check the Open POs status

Does the wine list not match the inventory? Remove all 86'd items