robert sabuda

pop up author made by javon sandiford

Robert sabuda's child hood

Robert sabuda grew up in the small rural town of Pinckney, in. southeastern Michigan. Every night in his home by the lake his mother would read him a book and he liked when his mother would read him a book and his brother sleeping in his room listening to his mother while him and Robert know that they were to be joined by their sister.:


Robert has a good past and graduated from Pratt. He went from one children’s publishing house to more of them , showing his work and trying to get an illustrating project. To make money he had to support himself, he worked as a package designer making the boxes for ladies clothes. Finally he began to receive very small jobs illustrating coloring books" (based on popular movie characters like Rambo!)." Eventually these jobs led to other book projects and slowly he discovered that he was a children’s book illustrator.:

Robert sabuda used color pencil for the pop up book named alice’s adventure in wonderland,peter pan the wonderful wizard of oz and more pop up books.

He write’s his own stories and illustrate those as well also he is good at Picture books for children.

Robert sabuda was interested about making pop up book’s when he was an adult

how to make a pop up bee

"step 1:
Click on the link to download the .pdf template for the pop-up Bee:"

Bee Template

"Step 2:
Print out both pages from the template onto heavy paper, such as card stock or construction paper."

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Step 3: It's easier to color in and/or decorate your pop-up pieces before you cut them out! You will need scissors, white glue (such as elmer's), a ruler, a paperclip or ballpoint pen that has run out of ink, and your two print-outs.

Step 4: Using a ruler as a guide, take the rounded end of a paper clip (or ballpoint pen that has run out of ink) and press along all the dotted lines of the pop-up pieces and card.

Continue scoring on all the dotted lines for the pieces as well.

Don't forget to score the dotted line underneath the area marked "Glue petal here".

Also score above the area marked "fold over glue bee on reverse".

There is also a dotted line hiding above the area marked "glue petal on reverse".

Step 5: Carefully cut out the card along the solid black lines.

Carefully cut out the pieces along the solid black lines.

Make sure you cut all the way into the notches for the Bee's wings.

You now have 4 pieces and the card.

Step 6: Take the flower piece and fold it in half, so the lines are on the outside.

Step 7: With your scissors, cut out the hole in the middle of the piece.

Unfold the flower again.

Step 8: Now fold the flower in half diagonally - inwards, so that the lines are on the inside. Unfold.

Step 9: Fold it in half on the other diagonal - inwards. Unfold.

Step 10: Make sure the flower can collapse correctly - the 2 petals at the top and the bottom should move inwards as the sides of the flower close. Unfold the flower again.

Step 11: Fold the tab on the top petal - marked "Glue petal here" - BACK along the dotted line.

Step 12: Fold the tab labeled "glue petal on reverse" upwards, then unfold.

Step 13: Fold both tabs upwards along the dotted line (above the area marked "fold over glue bee on reverse")

Flatten the tabs down.

Step 14: Put a small amount of glue on the area marked "glue petal here".

Also apply glue to the top part of the folded-over tab (area highlighted here). Do not overlap glue past the fold at the bottom of the area.

Step 15: Take the petal + wing piece and align it with the glue areas.

Step 16: Press the piece flat and allow the glue time to dry. Note that the wing does not glue down.

Step 17: Make sure the petal + wing are free to fold outwards as the flower collapses.

Step 18: Lift up the wing - but don't fold it - and apply a small amount of glue to the area beneath it.

Step 19: Slide the bee's body piece into position, notching the wings together.

Make sure the bee's body lines up with the shape beneath it.

Press down firmly, and allow the glue time to dry.

Step 20: Turn the flower and bee over. Note the area (highlighted in the picture above) where a petal is missing from the flower. Now find the petal piece marked "Glue here A" and put a small amount of glue in the grey area.

Step 21: Glue the petal piece FACE DOWN in the area highlighted in step 20.

Step 22: Turn the flower over - now all the petals are in place, and the pop-up is ready to glue into the card!

Step 23: First, make sure it collapses correctly. Set the flower + bee aside for a moment.

Step 24: Take the card and fold it in half along the dotted line.

Step 25: Put a small amount of glue in the areas marked "B" and "C" on the card.

Step 26: Hold the flower + bee upright and get ready to line it up with the areas marked on the card.

Match the two petals on the left and right sides of the flower up with areas "B" and "C" on the card.

Press down firmly and allow time for the glue to dry.

Step 27: Close the card carefully, making sure the bee twists sideways as the card closes.

Press down and make sure the card folds flat.

Open it back up again - your card is complete!

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