Water Pollution

When Will It End?

How do we prevent it?

Using proper hygiene and sanitation will prevent your body from catching water borne illnesses that may cause pain or harm the body. Before Entering a body of clean water be sure to clean yourself before entering to prevent the water from being diluted. Also, you want to be sure to dispose trash in the right way and to help contribute No chemical dumping

How does this affect Human Health?

Worldwide nearly 2 million people drink contaminated water that could be harmful to their health. This water could contain harmful chemicals or parasites that could cause sickness of even death in some cases.

Environmental Issues

A lot of people who use bodies of water like lakes and rivers can be on hold while these waterways are polluted. Recreational activities are put on hold and other living things in that environment can be killed away. This can be caused from human dilution or producing chemicals in a farm field.

Take action

While there were 628 reported polluted waterways in the state of Iowa, please help and join the Environmental Protection Agency in coming together across the nation to clean up polluted waterways and promote human health.