Pauline Cushman

by: Alyssa coffey and Cydney williams

Early life

Pauline Cushman was born June 10,1833 in New Orleance LA she didnt go to school but at the age of 18 she left her family and returned to New Orleans to follow up with being an act

contribution to the civil war

she was a spy during the civil war for the union she was paid by the union to find out the confederate battle plans she later found confederate battle plans she was tried to millitary court and sentenced to death but saved three days before her hanging by union troops

life after civil war

After Civil War she began acting again she two children and also got married and toured after civil war shed died of an overdose of opium on December 2,1893 she was burried at San Francisco nation cemetary and she dose not have any memorials

five interesting facts

1.she was born in new orleans

2.her nickname was miss major

3.married three time

4.she grew up in michagan

5.she was a very shy person

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