IVA @ San Joaquin

Weekly Update for May 30, 2022

School Wide Updates

Bell Schedules for Middle and High School

High School

High School Final Exam Schedule May 30-June 3

Middle School

Middle School Special Schedule 5/30-6/3

    IVA Award Winners- We are excited to announce our IVA High School and Middles School award winners. Click HERE for High School Awards. Click HERE for Middle School Awards

    Materials Return- Any materials checked out to students from IVA need to be returned on to Creekside Education Center at 3387 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606 in Room N18 on the dates and times below;

    Seniors: Week of May 23rd from 7:30am -4pm

    7th-11th Graders: May 31-June 3rd from 7:30am-4pm & June 6-7 from 7:30-1pm

    * All materials must be returned and fines before graduation to pick up your diploma.

    * All materials must be returned in order to register for next school year.

    San Joaquin PTSA Newsletter- San Joaquin Creekside PTSA Newsletter

    Transition Camp for 22-23 School Year- We will hold Transition Camp on August 9th, 2022 at Creekside Education Center to welcome new and returning students to IVA. More information will be sent out to families.

    IVA School Information for Next Year- Interested in learning more about what next year will look like? Please click HERE for more information.

    IPSF Summer Registration- Choose from over 400 IPSF classes with both online and in-person options to meet the needs of your family. Summer is the time to pursue interests, discover new passions, and brush up on fundamentals for the next school year. Click HERE for more information and to register.

    IPSF Monthly Newsletter-Click HERE for this month IPSF updates and activities.

    IUSD College and Career Fair Information- You can still access all the content from our College and Career Fair. Click HERE for instructions on how to access.

    Mental Health Resources- If your student is looking for mental health resources check out the Mental Health Specialist IVA Office.

    FOR Families provides free information and short-term support to individuals, couples, and families living in Irvine who need assistance identifying and accessing needed services and resources. More information can be found here

    IUSD Nutrition Services- We ask that all meals be pre-ordered in order to eliminate waste. Please complete and submit the form at the link below by 5:00 PM this Friday for pick up next Tuesday morning to ensure that we have a meal ready for your student(s). If you will not be picking up meals for your students, there is no need to complete a form.


    Irvine Parent Education Programs (IPEP) are FREE seminars and educational workshops offered to Irvine parents/guardians throughout the school year. Our goal is to empower parents/guardians with the skills and strategies necessary to become active participants in their student’s education. IPEP offers a variety of workshops focused on topics important to parents/guardians of IUSD students. Experienced instructors and district-level representatives facilitate the interactive workshops, engaging participants in conversations and hands-on activities. Get more information and register on our webpage: www.iusd.org/ipep

    Community Resources

    IUSD Parent and Family Engagement Resources

    Operation School Bell- Click HERE

    Care Solace- Click HERE

    Additional resources:

    IVA Website Click HERE

    Program of Study Click HERE

    Canvas Student Login Guide Click HERE

    Canvas Parent Observer Guide Click HERE

    Speak Up, We Care Click HERE

    Irvine Family Resource Center Click HERE

    Paper (Free Online Tutoring) Click HERE

    High School Information

    Bell Schedule for last week of school- San Joaquin and Creekside Final Exam schedule

    Senior Google Drive Information- Digital platforms have transformed the way our students create, save and share work and allows students to store their digital work throughout their careers in IUSD. We realize that students have years of valuable work stored within Google Workspace, Office 365 and Adobe. Please Students who are no longer in IUSD will have all their accounts deleted beginning June 17, 2022. Please move content to a personal Google Workspace account or save files a different way before this date.

    Senior Information:

    Finals - You will take finals in the final week of May during your regular scheduled classes (May 23 - May 27)

    Senior Activities / Graduation - All senior activities and graduation information should come directly from your Home-Site High School. Many of the schools have "Senior" pages on their websites with the information as well. Below is a table with links to each "Senior" page.

    Irvine HS

    Reach out to Irvine HS

    Northwood HS


    Portola HS


    University HS


    Woodbridge HS


    Orange County High School Career Fair- Looking for employment? Click HERE for the flyer and to register.

    Returning to Your Home Site Next Year? If you are returning and have questions regarding your class schedule for next year please reach out to your homesite for specific questions.

    IVC Dual Enrollment Information- Interested in taking an IVC Dual Enrollment course. Click HERE for the flyer and to register for classes.

    Community Service- Looking to volunteer in the community? Click HERE for upcoming opportunities and if you would like to submit hours for recognition please click HERE for more information and to access the form.

    Community Service Option- Community service is not required for graduation at San Joaquin HS. However, students will be recognized on their transcript if they complete 25 or more hours of community service in one school year. Students must fill out the IVA Community Service form to receive recognition. The form can be found on the IVA website – College and Career Counseling Page – Resources. Students can also email their counselor or kaylaRamirez@iusd.org for the form. They will return the form to KaylaRamirez@iusd.org as well.

    Questions about the FAFSA? Join us every Friday before school to get help with your application. Click HERE for more information and the zoom link.

    To Request An Official Transcript from San Joaquin High School-

    Log on to www.parchment.com Follow the instructions to request an official transcript. You DO NOT need to know your student ID number. (You may type any four numbers in that space). Please be sure to carefully enter your name, date of birth, and year of graduation. If you did not graduate from San Joaquin High School, please enter the year you would have graduated had you stayed. If you have any questions, please contact Ana Resendez at Creekside Education Center at (949) 936-7407.

    College and Career Information

    Next week's IVC Events for IVA

    IVC Application and General Information Support

    FAFSA Friday's


    Office Hours Zoom Link:


    Mornings 8:10-8:30AM

    Afternoons: 3:55-4:15PM

    Email Kaylaramirez@iusd.org for more information

    Counselor Office Hours

    Nancy Nguyen- Last Names A - O

    Every day (Monday - Friday)

    8 - 8:30 am

    Nguyen's Zoom link

    Sam Lane- Last Names P-SH

    Wednesday and Thursday

    8 - 8:30 am

    Lane's Zoom link

    Lauren Yadon- Last Names Si - Z

    Wednesday and Friday

    8 - 8:30 am

    Yadon's Zoom link

    Middle School Information

    Special Schedules- See below for bell schedules for the weeks below.

    Special Schedule 5/30-6/3

    School Counselor Office Hours for Students:

    Mrs. Samson

    Every day (Monday- Friday)


    Zoom Link

    8th Grade Promotion - June 3rd at 11:00 at Lakeside Middle School

    LOCATION: Lakeside Blacktop (see map below)

    DATE: June 3, 2022

    TIME: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. (students should arrive at 10:40 and report to the Field House)


    · There is no specific student attire for the Promotion Ceremony. Students may choose to dress casually or more formal, but all dress should be school appropriate.

    · The ceremony will also be live-streamed for family/friends who are not in attendance. Please go to: iusd.org/ivamiddlepromo and use the password phoenix. The link will open for IVA MS after 10:00am. In the event you experience difficulties accessing the stream, please:

    o First, double check the link to your school’s Promotion livestream and password

    o Check the internet connection at your location

    o Wait for the video to re-establish connection and refresh your browser every 2 minutes

    o In the event that you are unable to re/connect to the live stream, a recorded version of the Promotion will be available to watch after the ceremony and available for download on www.IUSD.tv until July 10th.

    · Seating for students will be provided. Family member guests should bring their own chairs to set up in the Family/Guest Seating area. Please refrain from bringing umbrellas, easy-ups, etc., so as not to impact viewing for other families.

    · Parking will be available on Lemongrass (in front of the school) and on Stone Creek North (behind the school).

    2021-2022 IVA MS Award Winners - Congratulations to the following students!

    The Principal’s Award

    Divya A

    Joaquin A

    James C

    Deea G

    Milan H

    Naga K

    Mustafa M

    Dmitriy S

    Ethan W

    Vera Y

    Student to Student Shout Out

    Arissa D

    Maneli S

    Joshua T

    Giuliana T

    Lawrence X

    The Phoenix Award

    Marcellino A

    Myles A

    Sally A

    Sofiya A

    Joaquin A

    Maverick B

    Chase B

    James C

    Carson C

    Ariana C

    Darrel C

    Justin C

    Kaylee D

    William D

    Alayna F

    Adrian F

    Owen G

    Amar’e H

    Frank H

    Milan H

    Carell J

    Yuxuan J

    Naga K

    Ameen K

    Aireen K

    Aitan K

    Falak K

    Alex L

    Ethan L

    Kathy L

    Zezhong L

    Angelina L

    Mustafa M

    Tamana M

    Charlize M

    Angel M

    Anoushka N

    Tomas N

    Kayla N

    Allison N

    Richard O

    Victoria P

    Venkata P

    Lakshmivallabh P

    Dylan P

    Alondra P

    Coby P

    Milana P

    Chloe R

    Caroline R

    Henry R

    Stephanie R

    Yara S

    Binita S

    Juliana S

    Maneli S

    Dmitriy S

    Maurice S

    Zachary S

    Ezri S

    Allyson T

    Joshua T

    Aoife T

    Umarjon U

    Keon V

    Sofia V

    Luis V

    Cameron W

    Ethan W

    The Academic Excellence Award

    Divya A

    Myles A

    Nusha A

    Nicholas B

    James C

    Charissa C

    Bonnie C

    Seline C

    Kwongho D

    Alayna F

    Deea G

    Gianna H

    Marriam H

    Francesca H

    Milan H

    Shanay J

    Anny J

    David J

    Naga K

    Jasmine K

    Jiayao L

    Kathy L

    Madison L

    Angelina L

    Justin M

    Tara M

    Maya M

    Sowmya M

    Aliyah P

    Karina P

    Claire P

    Eunice P

    Prathmesh R

    Pratyuush R

    Arina S

    Nathan S

    Anushraman S

    Dmitriy S

    Isabelle S

    Yangming S

    Allyson T

    Joshua T

    Mateo T

    Giuliana T

    Aoife T

    Sofia V

    Luis V

    Ethan V

    Anli Y

    Sheena Y

    Vera Y

    Paper Tutoring: Paper Tutoring is a free resource, giving your student 24/7 access to chat with tutors for live help and assignment support. Paper helps parents and guardians avoid the cost, time, and stress of having to relearn trigonometry and Shakespeare or hire a private tutor to help their child with classwork. Paper can provide support with homework help, writing feedback (i.e. editing essays), and study support. Help is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French.

    Students can access Paper Tutoring directly from their class Canvas Page.

    Informational video on Paper Tutoring: Paper for Parents & Guardians

    Paper Website: Unlimited Tutoring, Anywhere & Anytime

    FOR Families provides free information and short-term support to individuals, couples, and families living in Irvine who need assistance identifying and accessing needed services and resources. More information can be found here

    Looking for social opportunities for students?

    Let’s Do Lunch

    Does your student want to meet up with friends at lunch? Do they need help with an assignment or need to work on a group project? Or do they just want to meet new people? Let’s Do Lunch! We open a Zoom during lunchtime every Monday-Friday to allow students to meet up with friends and classmates at lunch. They can stay in the main room to chat or get help on an assignment. Or they can move to a Breakout room with friends or other students with common interests. We’d love for them to bring their lunch and stop in to check it out!

    City of Irvine- Middle School Programs

    Middle School Program (MSP): MSP provides a variety of lunch time, after school programs, individual recreation classes and community service programs. MSP is developed in part with student input and provides students opportunities to participate in exciting and creative activities. Students may participate in programs, activities, classes and camps with their neighborhood middle school. www.yourirvine.org/

    Follow on Instagram: irvinemsp_yat


    Search "MSP" in filter box at this link: www.yourirvine.org/