The Son of Neptune

Cameron Adamic

Friendship is Powerful


Percy Jackson woke up one day with no memory of anything but one person, Annabeth.

While being chased by 2 gorgons that wouldn't die he found an old lady that turned out to be the goddess Juno that helped him find Frank, Reyna, and Hazel who are other demigods (half god half human;children of gods and mortals) that lead him to a Roman demigod camp, Camp Jupiter.While there Percy, Frank, and Hazel were put on a quest by Mars, the Roman god of war. The quest was to go to Alaska to free Thanatos, the god of death and to stop Gaia from fully awakening and return by The Feast of Fortuna (June 24th). Frank has a stick that is attached to his life and if the stick ever fully burns than Frank dies. They set off on a Roman navy ship and Frank got instructions from his Grandma to find a plane that would take them to Alaska. Once they arrive at the Hubbard Glacier where Thanatos is being held they find him being guarded by a giant.The chains holding Thanatos can only be melted by the fire of life which is Frank's stick. Frank went to melting the chains as Percy defended him and Hazel attacked the giant. Once Thanatos was free Frank knocked the giant unconscious. Percy summoned a mini hurricane and retrieved the golden eagle and he broke the ice and fell over the edge of the glacier. Hazel used her horse to drag the giant to Canada where he awoke and they finished him. They returned to where Percy fell of the glacier and found him unharmed. They road back to Camp Jupiter on Hazel's horse and Percy regained all of his memory on the journey back. When they returned to the camp it was under attack and Percy took lead in defending it. Percy challenged the giant Polybotes to a duel with the help of Terminus the god of borders because giants can only be defeated with the help of gods and demigods. Percy defeated Polybotes and then waited for his friends, along with Annabeth, to arrive at the camp on the Argo II.


Percy Jackson: A Greek demigod son of Posiedon from Camp Half-Blood. He is the main character who has been switched along with Jason Grace from the first book.

Frank Zhang: A Roman demigod son of Mars from Camp Jupiter. Frank has a crush on Hazel who does not return one. yet... (They share a kiss at the end)


Hubbard Glacier:Icy, Cold, High Elevation, Icy

Alaska:Cold, North

Canada:Cold, North

Camp Jupiter:Roman, Scattered Columns, aquaduct, Mount Diablo, Temples



Gaia is awakening and she has captured Thanatos. If she keeps Thanatos she will have control over death. If Gaia fully awakens she would be unstoppable and could destroy the world (which is ironic because she is mother earth). To first free Thanatos Frank used his stick to melt through the chains binding him. They also need to unify both Greek and Roman demigods to stop mother earth from awakening.

About Rick Riordan:

His full name is Richard Russell "Rick" Riordan Jr. He is an American author best known for writing the "Percy Jacks and the Olympians" series. He was raised in San Antonio ,Texas. In middle school hew was introduced to Greek Mythology. He cited his eighth grade teacher Mr. Pabst as a great influence. Riordan has many successful book series.