Refresh an Image on Facebook

Update the preview image of your edited flyer on Facebook

If you publish and share your flyer on Facebook and then go back and edit your flyer, sometimes if you share it again on Facebook, the preview image of the flyer will not be updated. The reason this happens is because Facebook caches the image and it can take up to 24 hours for it to refresh. Please note that this is a Facebook issue and not a Smore issue :)

If this happens, follow the steps below to ensure the most recently edited version of your flyer appears:

1. Go to your flyer

View your flyer in the Smore Editor

2. Click "Update Page"

On the right side, click "Update Page" or "Done Editing" depending on which option appears

3. Copy your flyer URL

Copy the link in the "Link" option on the right side of the Editor

4. Visit Facebook's "Debug" page

By clicking Here!

5. Paste your flyer's URL

Paste your flyer URL under "Input URL"

6. Click "Fetch new scrape information"

Click "Fetch new scrape information" until the correct image appears at the bottom of the page

Note: You may need to click this button multiple times until the correct image appears!

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