Future Goals and Visions

My Career Vison Statement by Melanie Stein

During the almost two weeks that I have been in Care 102, I have learned a large amount of information about myself and I am excited to get to know more about myself. I have found that I am interested in careers that I hardly knew existed. The survey I took during week one about Michigan Career Pathways helped me get started. I received three letters and the topics connected to the letters were, business, management, and marketing and technology. I never imagined myself in any of these career fields.

Steps into my Future

I am looking forward to pursuing these careers as I go along and pursuing them with Ferris State, and I am hoping to find the career that best suits me and will set my future. As I look into these careers I am hoping that one will stick out to me and also be a career that I can stick with for the remainder of my career.