The Cuban Missile Crisis

By Sean Reynolds

What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?

It was a standoff between the leaders of the U.S. and the Soviet Union that started when Cuba was given nuclear weapons. Tensions were high and people were convinced that the Soviets and America would use nuclear weapons against each other ultimately resulting in the end of the world.

The Response

The President of the U.S. at the time was Kennedy. He tried reasoning with the Nikita Khrushchev who was the one in charge of the Soviet Union. When news broke out the U.S. set up a naval blockade around Cuba. Kennedy addressed everyone on television on October 22, 1962 about this threat and pretty much everyone thought it was the end of the world due to nuclear weapons.

Naval Blockade On Cuba

With the U.S. now out of the dark with knowledge of the nuclear arsenal at Cuba, it wouldn't take long before there was a naval blockade. On October 24 U.S. ships would stop Soviet ships from lending anymore support by creating this great barricade. This way Cuba wouldn't be receiving any additional weapons. Luckily for everyone the Soviets didn't attempt to go against this barricade. Tensions were high enough that it could have led to an actual war between these two powerful forces.
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Peace Negotiations

A little after the naval blockade, president Kennedy and Khrushchev communicated to arrange something so that the missiles in Cuba would be taken back. At first the Soviets wanted the U.S. to promise that it wouldn't invade Cuba. Kennedy agreed to this. The next day the Soviets also asked that the U.S. withdraw their nuclear weapons in Turkey. They agreed to this term but it would be kept secret by the public.