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Sharing and Learning at Southport High School

Leading and Learning:

The start of this school year has been exciting in many ways as we have brought our students back to school. It is exhilarating to see the hallways full, the cafeteria capacity, and classrooms filled with student learning.

As we have begun to re-engage students back in school, it has been easy to see that there are still many challenges ahead. Many of our students are grateful to be back in a normal school setting. Yet, coming off a very unstructured 18 months, many students are struggling to get back into the routine of school.

We have seen the return of the normal school routine bring much anxiety to some of our students. Those who lived in a world of structure at their homes for the last year are finding ways to get back involved quickly. Those who may have lived in a much less structured environment over the past year are struggling.

To put our mission into motion, we must continue to be patient with students as we rebuild their stamina in the structure of a school day. We must be understanding as they deal with the stress of being back in a building. We must be calm as we have individual conversations with students about reaching high expectations. We must be diligent in re-engaging students back into their education and future.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • all the teachers who attended Back to School Night on Thursday!
  • our cafeteria staff. We have been really short-staffed for the last week, yet our wonderful cafeteria staff still makes it possible to serve over 2,000 students lunch each day!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 2: Grateful Friday Challenge

Olympic athletes know a thing or two about long grueling hours, putting in time and effort for that one chance to show their best to the world, dealing with coaches and teammates, missing out on events to get in a little more practice… but every four years they get to perform on the world’s largest stage and they tell their stories, share their gratitude, show us grace under pressure, and how selflessness and work ethic pay off in the long run. There were undoubtedly many lessons gleaned from the amazing stories based on these character traits over the last couple of weeks. The lessons are universal and great inspiration for any workplace, whether a track, pool, court, classroom, at home, or in an office.

Today, your #SHSGFC challenge is to realize and seek out the stories in your own hallways and classrooms. What if we had a “teacher olympics,” what would you win a medal in? What about the people in your department? What about the students in your classrooms?

So grab some yellow (golden) post-its and give out some wacky, or serious, medals to colleagues or students for excellence in: life, friendship, school, planning, listening, caring, doing something funny, coming through in a pinch, giving advice, being good for a laugh, special attributes, or anything else that deserves a post-it gold.

Here is a little real-life Office Olympics to inspire your gold medal performance today.

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Jeff Maupin

Mr. Maupin, the new SHS band director, is getting to work quickly with his students. After a tough year of music experiences in schools, students in the intermediate band are beginning to play together as a group again. Mr. Maupin was working with students today to play specific measures of a new piece of music. It is great to hear our music wing filled with the sounds of students playing again!

Paul Toler

Mr. Toler and his Business Math students are studying how to calculate a new balance on a credit card. Students learned about how credit cards work by looking at balance statements. Students then used their new learning to calculate the new balance on a credit card by looking at interest and credit limits to determine spending limits for their credit card use.

Sui Tial

Mrs. Tial's Geometry students are learning about how points and lines work together on planes. To begin the class, students reviewed information from the previous day and then used different planes to determine the relationships between points, lines created by those points, and angles on the plane.

Matt Norries

Mr. Norris and his English 11 students are getting back into the writing process. Students read an article title "Whose to blame for athletes salaries? We are." The students then had to identify key points from each paragraph. The students then identified a claim about the the article they read. They then collected evidence about the claim they made and provided reasoning to support that claim and evidence. The students will use this process to improve their writing skills throughout the semester.

Jacob Wormann

Mr. Wormann's World Geography students are building their map skills. Students looked at different maps to learn about different features on a map that will help them interpret the information. Students used longitude and latitude to find locations, a compass rose to give direction, and a map key to find specific features on three different maps. As students continue to learn about geographical areas of the world, these map skills will become essential.

Educational Humor

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