Please Stop Laughing at Me

By: Jodee Blanco


Bullying is a problem that needs to be solved. Please Stop Laughing at Me is about Jodee Blanco's experiences with bullying. When Jodee was growing up, she had ups and downs in popularity. She wasn't bullied until fifth grade when she started to volunteer at special needs. She went to a new middle school, Morgan Hills Academy. She started out in the popular crowd but one mistake at her friends party and she was back to where she was. She went to see a psychiatrist to help her. She moved houses and schools to Northwest Junior High. She had her group of "best friends" but they picked on her. Her parents felt like she needed a break so they went on a vacation. Jodee met a friend, Niko, who made her feel loved. They kept in touch. Twenty years later, she went to her old school reunions and they made her feel welcome and apologized. "You better get a bodyguard, because we're going to beat you senseless." A.J. whispered to me one day outside of math class."(Blanco 125)

Character Analysis

When Jodee was in school, she tried too hard to fit in instead of being herself. If she had been herself, she would find friends who can relate too each other. Jodee was also a very tough person. Through all of the changes she was still strong."Blanco, ypu suck." "Don't be nice to her. She's gross. We hated her so much in junior high."(Blanco 138)


Conflict- Character vs. Society- Jodee was getting bullied and picked on by a lot of people.

Resolution- She was herself and ended up being very successful."All the years of teasing and taunting have taken a tremendous toll on her. I still have some fight left in me, while she's become a shell of who she once was." (Blanco 196)


Remember who you are and where you came from

Textual Evidence

My favorite quote was, "Then, I dug inside my psyche, reaching for every bit of anger I'd ever felt toward my classmates, the doctors who had poked and probed me, the teachers who weren't there for me, and my own self-loathing."(Blanco 132-133) This quote was powerful because it sums up what she had to live and fight through in her child hood all the way through graduation.

Book Review

Out of 5 stars I would give it a 4. I like the details and the events of the book. I think a lot of the events were repeated though
Stop Bullying

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